Punch Jump Review: MAG PS3 massive online mayhem

Sony Corp.'s MAG for the Playstation 3 is a logistical beauty in massive online multiplayer tactical action. The title delivers on hosting an impressive virtual battlefield of up to 256 players through multiple objectives amid some casualties of weapon and user imbalance.

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-Alpha3118d ago

This is definitely going to average around AA. I have high hopes that GS and IGN US are going to rate it 8.0+

IGN US is usually more lenient, but Gamespot is a bit tougher-- though I find that their reviews tend to be put off for so long. I assume they are spending lots of time with MAG, and it's well needed considering this is an online only.

VileAndVicious3118d ago

Lol do you notice how the people saying the game was a flop have significantly decreased over the past few days?