3DJuegos: MAG Review

3DJuegos writes: "MAG is a triumph in its technological side because of its hardware use to achieve its record number of players, but at the same time it is also a generic shooter because of its lack of personality. A character trouble that don't allow the game to succeed beyond its main highlight: Its 256 simultaneous users."

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Socomer 19793213d ago

Ps3 has a web browser where you can go to & get personality in the form of news reports with actors & everything. More about the shadow war.
Gamers are encouraged to use thier browsers to expand thier game. is awesome. Twitter it , facebook it & stay in the know.
MAG destroys the likes of left 4 dead 2, a generic zombie fps with bad graphics & insane lag.
Modern glitchfare2 & makes battlefield bad company 2 a walk in the park.

Go Valor!!!! Were Oscar mic!!!

nycredude3213d ago

While I think this is a good score, especially for an online only game for full retail price, I really don't understand when games reviews bash it for character. The game is awesome! you are not looking for a girlfriend!

sikbeta3213d ago

Why quiting [0.1] lol

The Game is Awesome, Massive Gaming Crews in Different Factions fighting each other is PRICELESS