Guardian: Dante's Inferno Review

The scriptwriter and character designers have credits for films including the Hellboy and Hellraiser series on their CVs, which shows, and there's a pervasive undercurrent of gothic soft porn: the boss in the Lust circle, for example, is a giant naked houri who spews babies equipped with hands replaced by blades from her right nipple, and her minions are also naked women with giant scorpion-like stings that emerge from their nether regions. Dante's Inferno, then, is not for the faint-hearted nor fastidious, nor does it do much to counter those who argue that games are intellectual. But at least it's action-packed and fun to play.

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LordMarius3238d ago

What more can you expect from a clone

nycredude3237d ago

THere is no way anyone can give this more than an 4/5 or 8/10, although it's a decent score. If they start giving this a 9 and up then wtf are they going to score Gow3? 11 & 12?

Anyhow I am passing on this I already bought and finished Darksiders to satiate by GOW 3 crave.

BeaArthur3237d ago

nycredude...just because someone could give this game a 9+ does not mean they can't give GoW3 less. Personally I know that GoW3 is going to be better without even playing either game but the demo for Daunte's Inferno was pretty decent and I could see the total product getting over a 9 depending on how the whole game plays out. Reviews, no matter what type of criteria is used always have some personal input in them from the reviewer.

AliTheBrit193237d ago

Ah give it a rest man

So what if its a clone? seriously so what

You people say it as if its a guarantee the game can't be any good

Which isn't the case at all.

Bottom line, Dante's Inferno borrows greatly from God of War in gameplay, and thats it

Story wise, and setting, its in its own world, and a damn good one at that.

DatNJDom813237d ago

Its not fair that everyone is knocking this game. Yes it borrows (heavily) from God of War, but to me it looks good. Im getting this day 1.

Two-Face3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Are you stupid or what?

You make it seem like there is no room for plenty of AAA titles.

What's up with that DUDE?

''THere is no way anyone can give this more than an 4/5 or 8/10, although it's a decent score. If they start giving this a 9 and up then wtf are they going to score Gow3? 11 & 12?''

Chubear3237d ago

lol, ok, let's see what these same "fans" say when a "perceived" Gears of War clone in Quantum theory comes out soon. Let's all remember "so what if it's a clone? as long as it's done decently". Let's remember, that only resemblance to gears with QT is a bulky Xter with a bulky gun but it's gameplay is obviously different but DI that's AN EXACT copy is "meh, the story is different" lol

... and no, this game doesn't "borrow heavily" from GoW gameplay cause it's an EXACT Copy n' Paste of GoW gameplay.

To be, a game that's a blatant rip off off another and is boardline riding on plagiarism shouldn't be encouraged with 8s & 9s but hey, if that's what the community want then that's what they'll get when developers start to catch on.

DelbertGrady3237d ago

The difference is that Quantum Theory looked like crap from start whereas Dante's Inferno looked decent. It also helps that it's from the team behind Dead Space.

Clone or not, if it's a good game I'll make sure to enjoy it. Demo didn't convince me though.

darthv723237d ago

For me I like the story this is based off of. Almost certain there will be a Dante's Prugatory and Dante's Paradise if they continued to follow the books in name form.

nycredude3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

For all you "stupid" fantards who called me names. I didn't call anyone names so go fvck yourself. I have both consoles and I am NOT a you know what like you guys. Keep telling yourself this POS is as good as GOW 3 if it helps you sleep at night cause you can't have GOW 3 cause of your allegiance to one console. I played the demo of this POS and that is what it is, a POS 1:1 clone. Sad because I was hype for the game just wish they did a better job creating something with their own material than a mediocre action game.

It's also pathetic you guy are up in arms about a multiplat now. Seriously just buy the other console and enjoy gaming already! Sheesh.

@Soda dont give me that BS. I have both Gears games and they look ok at best. The game was and is overated.


BTW If you honestly think this game will get better scores than GOW 3 then you are delusion, never played any gow games, or just being naive, or a combination of all three.

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BeaArthur3237d ago

Solid score. If it keeps getting decent reviews I will probably check it out at some point.

ElementX3237d ago

Everyone is expecting it to be better than GoW. Why can't they just accept it for what it is? I'm tired of the comparisons. I'm sure both games will be fun, even though GoW will be better.

darthv723237d ago

Perhaps it is the thought of a similar game treading on the sacred game space of the mighty Kratos. I dont know. People should just see games for what they are and not read so much into it. I am getting both and will enjoy both.

GoW will be ending and I will be glad to pick up another series to carry on the hack/slash hole left behind by Kratos. Dante looks to fill it nicely. Especially when you factor in the books the game is based on.

ElementX3237d ago

oops! meant everyone is expecting GoW to be better than Dante. I completely messed up that comment!

mrv3213237d ago

It looks awsome... the story looks sweet.

sackgirl3237d ago

This game is like God of War on PS2.

ElementX3237d ago

So a multi-million seller?

darthv723237d ago

it will get better as the series progresses. There are three books in the divine comedy. Inferno is the first and so you figure there will be a Purgatory and then a Paradise. Each expanding and improving on elements set forth by the previous installment.

Nothing wrong with that.

nemrawy3237d ago

Not bad for a clone , after I've watched the movie I thought it would take 3/5 .

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