SarcasticGamer Review: MAG

After almost two years of hype, as well as closed and open betas, MAG has finally arrived. Promising 256 players in a single FPS match for the first time on a console definitely got everyone's attention; but did Zipper Interactive actually pull it off, or is what all the naysayers who played the beta (not the finished game, not a demo) who might have picked it up for 15 minutes on release day saying true? Does respawn times, lack of healing and poor communication ruin the experience?

One side of the argument is right, and the other needs to put their Modern Warfare 2 diapers back on.

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raztad3242d ago

I 100% agree with this review. This sums it up:

"Is MAG worth the money without any single player component? Yes, yes it is: I don’t regret spending $60 one bit. Once you’ve played MAG, every other FPS seems simplistic and small. Sort of like playing Supreme Commander and then going back to playing Command & Conquer. Once you’ve seen warfare on a massive scale, everything else seems kind of insignificant."

I dont regret it either. I'm sorry for KZ2. I love you babe, but I'm not coming back to you, MAG is here to stay for long.

morganfell3242d ago

I am still playing Killzone as the Warzone rollover is hard to beat. It also lacks the sheer brutality of some SOCOM engagements. But finally several sites are starting to push past all of the competitions attack columns and fanboy spread lies and reviewers are expressing the truth about the solidity of MAG. I must have burned through 5 hours last night.

Sabotage and Acquisition are one type of match but Domination is just pure controlled insanity.