X10 Predictions

Microsoft recently announced that their 'X' event is making a return this year, something that no one saw coming but is an announcement that spells good news for 360 owners. It's been a few years since Microsoft has held the event, the last one being in 06 - which was a huge one. So the promise for a big event featuring new game announcements is all the more prevalent.

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N4PS3G2968d ago

-Itagaki’s Tokyo Vikings game announced.
-Perfect Dark XBLA properly shown with a release date and price announced. Expect it to be an - appetizer for the release of a new Perfect Dark from Rare with… you guessed it Natal support.
-FeelPlus+ RPG announced
-Halo Reach beta date announced.
-Halo Wars expansion incoming
-2 new Rare titles announced. One casual and one targeting the hardcore gaming demographic.
-Updates to the NXE dashboard shown with a big focus on Microsoft’s Game Room.
-A new IP using the new Crytech engine,
-Lionhead will announce another new title and it will be a new IP, no it’s not Milo and Kate.
-Epic will announce a new title in the Gears universe but it’s not Gears of War III.

These are goooood

Rockox2968d ago

I didn't realize this was happening so soon. Good stuff!

Young Capwn2968d ago

In the End there will only be CHAOS.

TOO PAWNED2968d ago

Great for 360 owners, i hope you guys get some great exclusives. I am sure MS has some great hardcore ideas, something they have been good at.

I don't have 360 and don't want one but i will tune in to watch this event.

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GVON2968d ago

I can't wait for the 11th on here.
X10 and God of war 3 video.Mods will be busy.

Bnet3432968d ago

Those are nice announcements, I didn't know it would come so soon either. I excited more about the FeelPlus+ RPG. I want an epic on the Xbox 360 already. A really big epic one.

N4PS3G2968d ago


" Tokyo Vikings: Tomonobu Itagaki returns with a new team and a new game for Xbox 360 "

JasonPC360PS3Wii2968d ago

That truly is a nice list, cant wait to see what else MS is bringing to the table at GDC and E3. 2010 is a stellar year for the 360, so many games announced (punch to the face) and so many to announce (kick to the groin) new features (b!tch slap) and Natal to finish the pulverizing combo.

Smokzdaizm2968d ago

You do know Toyko Vikings is the name of Itagaki's company right... Of course not you saw 360 news and thought hey I gotta troll this is XBox news no way I'm not gonna troll and talk about Sony even though this has nothing to do with Sony

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PandemicPrawn02968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I would love to see a new IP from Lionhead.

But something like "Black and White" or "The Movies" for Natal would be nice.

A Gears of War spinoff sounds like an interesting idea, It would be great to flesh out that universe some more.

I really want a RTS for Natal as well, can Microsoft take a look at dusting off the Age of Empires IP?

siyrobbo2968d ago

black and white would be perfect for NATAl, if they can pull it off. That whole game was developed with gesture control in mind

Would love to be able to drag my hand around the world, picking up people and throw them off a cliff

god i loved that game

lelo2play2968d ago

Show me gameplay and release date for Fable 3... and i will be happy

JasonPC360PS3Wii2968d ago

I hope they use Natal for for avatar gestures like farting, dancing, etc...

BlackTar1872968d ago

my wife would love that lol. I see a whole sleu of Youtube videos of people breaking stuff or looking ridiculous using natal it will be awesome.

Im so curious as to how Natal is implemented. Fable 2 was fun just hated the slow walk glitch thats caused me to restart 2x

Bnet3432968d ago

They're not going to launch a Gears and Halo game in the same year. Gears 3 will be Fall 2011.

Freak of Nature2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Reach in September,Gears "spin-off" in November. Gears 3 in Fall 11'

Rare with a mini sports/casual game,and pefect dark natal,or...if all goes the way I would want it then Conker as a hardcore game,not holding my breath however...

A Black and white type game would be as close to as ideal for hardcore gaming with Natal....

I also wish they would come up with an old fashioned platformer done with new mechanics and new gen backing...A new mascot for Microsoft,but the chance of that happening is "slim and none",and *slim* left the building.....

A new IP using the new Crytech engine has me curious...

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