Leaked Heavy Rain footage shows Madison in trouble


"Some new footage of Heavy Rain's appeared from YouTube, showing some new footage of co-main character Madison Paige."

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TheHater3238d ago

Can you please up spoiler. HOLY [email protected]#$K.
BTW, I did not watch this video.

MartyMcFly883238d ago

This is exactly why I think Heavy Rain is going to be a mindblowing, cinematic experience! I didn't want to watch the whole video, but I had a peek and wow, this just keeps getting better and better. I am glad I wrote my opinion down for a feature article on my site now! http://alternativemagazineo... There is no doubt in my mind that this is gonna rock.

FaSeCeX3238d ago

leaves u hangin lol :(

does she die, or does she not die?
that is the question...(?) haha