Capcom: Monster Hunter is a "platform", not a game

VGD: "PSP's success is more about Monster Hunter players than it is PSP players"

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leper6413178d ago

for a minute i thought it said platform game...

dirigiblebill3177d ago

lol *shudder*

I agree with him - I don't care which console MH is on, providing it's one I own ;)

Edwin853177d ago

Thought it really came into its own on psp. Being able to carry 500 hours plus worth of entertainment everywhere = win :)

na-no-nai3177d ago

a lil too conceited arent they lol

Optical_Matrix3177d ago

To me it sounds like regular PR crap. I've met Leo on several ocassion's (even celebrated his birthday with him and loads of others last summer) and he's the complete opposite of conceited. I would say he's merely just doing his job. And in some respects I can agree with what he is saying....The PSP's least in Japan, is on the whole due to Monster Hunter...or at least its resurgence. And Monster Hunter is perhaps the most popular PSP game in the UK...make of that what you will.

ClownBelt3177d ago

“If you look at the PSP sales and you put the graph over Monster Hunter’s release, you’ll see a huge spike,” he said. “I think that some analysts have said that Monster Hunter is solely responsible for PSP continuing to be a commercial success.”

Really? I've never heard of that. Are you pulling this out of your ass?

Noctis Aftermath3177d ago

Grand theft auto, kingdom hearts, final fantasy to name a few.
But i would have to agree that monster hunter is the most important franchise for the japanese psp market seeing that GTA doesn't sell anywhere near as good as it does in the west.

Sony need to keep it exclusive on psp or next gen japanese gamers will have almost no reason to buy a psp2.

Double Toasted3177d ago

I like hearing that, but there are few who treat their video game creations like throughout the years with their title.

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