The Tester Coming to PSN for Free in February

US Playstation Blog writes: Thanks everyone for all of your comments about The Tester. I know many of you are excited about the upcoming launch of The Tester. I am here to share great news – it is premiering on February 18th exclusively on PlayStation Network! We're also welcoming a new celebrity judge to our prestigious panel on The Tester – Hal Sparks! Most of you know him as an actor and comedian, but he's also a diehard gamer. You can watch contestants face off against Hal throughout the eight-episode series – it's going to be brutal.

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young juice3213d ago

welcome to hell's living room, who will become the iron gamer. armed with two dualshocks only one will be chosen in this completely unsegregated show.

deadreckoning6663213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Wait, so the whole season will be free??? It would be a smart move since any paid video content on PSN can be found on Youtube anyways. Nearly every episode of Qore can be seen on Youtube.

UNCyrus3213d ago

From the way the article read, it looks like it's coming for free. Surprisingly the trailer didn't look as bad as I had expected it to be.

Godmars2903213d ago

With David Jaffe in it. Not enough for me to ruin my no-watch RS record again.

I'm counting watching an episode of Gamer.

vicheous3213d ago

February 18th is the date for the 1st episode! Get ready...