Party Chat Podcast: Episode #1 "Pilot"

Party Chat Podcast is exactly what it sounds like. Loading Reality gets a group of gamers into an Xbox Live Party and then records a podcast. The gamers selected to be in the Party are then asked 35 topical, interesting, and random questions from 7 specific segments about their lives, gaming trends, and any other crazy things we can come up with. Each episode consists of a new group of gamers and questions. Anyone can be on the show! Party Chat is driven by gamers just like you. It isn't just about Xbox games and includes discussion from all facets of gaming.

Episode one gives listeners a brief overview of the show and then dives right in. Questions asked during Gaming segment of show: Video game character you would like to live as? Are you excited about Bioshock multiplayer? Do you feel justified paying for Xbox Live? Favorite Mario game? What is your go-to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 class?

Highlights include a rousing discussion about The Puppy Bowl, human flesh eating, and the chance for gamers to sing on Xbox Live without being yelled at.

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