Amazon: 'Per Nintendo, we will no longer be offering Metroid Prime Trilogy'

Nintendo continues to drag its feet on an official response about Metroid Prime Trilogy's retail status, though online retailer Amazon tells Joystiq that the game has been discontinued. According to a representative from the online retailer: "Per Nintendo, we will no longer be offering Metroid Prime Trilogy at this time." Requests for comment from other retailers were not returned.

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rebirthofcaos3036d ago

Ironically the company that have sold a lot of hardware is the one that have no interest on create something unique. And the top of that they cancel good games.I hope nintendo learn a lesson the hard way.

asdr3wsfas3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Yeah, maybe something where you play sports with realistic movements. I'd like to see more than one of those titles. Perhaps they could make an exploration game where you scuba dive...that'd be really unique. I got it! An exercise game where you control it with your feet. Maybe a game where you do puzzles to get smarter. Or a game like Sin and Punishment - a rail shooter where you can dodge left and right! God that would rule. Oh oh I know - a game where there are puzzles you solve by imitating the action on screen! Maybe brand it with someone like Wario.

What's funny is metroid prime reinvented the metroid series in 3d fps style and was unique enough to terrify metroid fans at the time. It was a very big risk changing fundamental gameplay that much. You posted in the worst thread possible to make this point.

EvilTwin3036d ago

It was marketed as a collector's edition. And Nintendo said on launch it "would be limited availability."

I don't know why people are freakin' out on it. Everyone who paid attention knew about it.

This was a game for the Prime junkies (like me) out there. People who already blasted through the GC games but aren't Retro fanboys probably aren't willing to fork out $50 for the game. The sales show it, too -- it's a "greatest hits"-type of release, and it is a sub 500K seller. It was narrowly targeted as fan service to a very specific audience.

SullyDrake3036d ago

I bought it because I finally bought a Wii and had only played bits and pieces of MP and MP2 over the years. Good deal for the people like me.

Though they're not going to stock them anymore, they're not withdrawing copies from store shelves, so for anyone who wanted it, now is a good time to get it.

El_Colombiano3036d ago

I'm going to buy a copy right now. Might even buy TWO so I keep one closed and have it as a collectors item!

iamlost263036d ago

I actually bought my copy the day I heard the news. Glad I did too.

moe843036d ago

I got mine back on release, along with the T-shirt and poster. Probably wont get rid of my copy, ever. Best Nintendo purchase I've made in a very long time.

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