First-Time Fantasy: "Twiggy" Plays Final Fantasy VII For The First-Time - 1

PushSquare's Twiggy is playing through Final Fantasy VII for the first-time ever. Join him as he catalogues his progess but beware, if you're still planning on playing through Final Fantasy VII for yourself, there are spoilers ahead.

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "Apparently Square want me to know two key things about the cast of Final Fantasy VII: they like nothing more than riding trains and blowing up generators. As the introduction to this piece probably indicated, I am playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time. In fact, this is not just my first time with one of the PSone's most revered titles - it's also my first time with a Final Fantasy game. Aside from dipping my toes in last year's Dissidia title, I've never actually played a Final Fantasy game. So how's it panning out?"

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Meryl3091d ago

i am glad people at lease bother to play on earlier editions of FF, now try FF1-10, then we can talk lol