Call of Duty 4 Screengrabs

Screengrabs of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from the latest pre-alpha video.

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Kleptic4076d ago

pretty impressive if that is truely pre-Alpha...I am happy the series is getting out of the WWII era...

ngg123454076d ago

After seeing battle field: bad company, and cod4.

Violater4076d ago

KZ2 is going to open alot of eyes.
Will it still be criticized? of course it will

_insane_cobra4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I've been saying for a long time that even if Killzone comes close to that trailer, it won't seem nearly as impressive anymore, not after all other fantastic looking games we've seen in the mean time. I watched the trailer again recently and while it still looks good, it definitely lost that wow factor.

The one thing they could still impress me is if they manage to pull off that fidelity and variety of animation in-game. Graphics are almost comparable to what we're seeing today, but animation still looks incredible.

Cartesian3D4076d ago

why they didnt use more advance lighting ...

there is no selfshadowing in CoD4 pre alpha.. hope to see it in final version.. in term of polygons,textures,smoke,fire.. . its AMAZING.

but in lighting.. its lastgen ( not so much but.. )


sgaap4076d ago

I hope that the biggest part is during the day, I don't like all that dark night stuff... Looks pretty good for a pre-apha though!