Sony: Heavy Rain 'shows off the power of PS3'

Sony's Lucy Duncan has said that she believes Heavy Rain "looks brilliant" and that is "shows off the power of the PS3", but that funding the "original and innovative IP" was a "gamble" for the company.

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ActionBastard2871d ago

Damn near every 1st party game they release "shows the power", that's what they're supposed to do. Kudos to Sony for all the new IP, Heavy Rain especially.

Xwow20082871d ago

has a true and unmatched vision when it comes to Entertainment thats why they ruled the video games business in the psx,ps2 era and i hope their success to continue in this gen :)

gaffyh2871d ago

It's not a first party game though, it's third party.

raztad2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )


Third party? how is so? I thought HR was funded by Sony. I mean: is HR a Sony owned IP?

@Gaffyh bellow

I'm almost sure HR is a Sony IP. QD is like Insomniac. I call third party games, those coming from other publishers.

young juice2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

this is starting to get a little cliche.


but yeah sony knows new ip always help in the long run.

I also dont expect this game to do so well sales wise at first, it may be like lbp and sell 200k at first. but look at little big planet now.

but then again if this game gets the publicity from the news for showing tits and @$$ and what not. people will buy it just like modern warfare.

Marceles2871d ago

I don't think Sony needs to really promote the power of PS3 anymore, we've all seen what great things it can do. At this point you have to be blind to not be amazed at the recent games PS3 has had.

gaffyh2871d ago

Quantic Dream is a third party developer, i.e. not Sony-owned, though Sony may own the Heavy Rain IP (not sure about that though).

Oldsnake0072871d ago

Quantic Dream is a 2nd party developer i think.

It is the same with Insomniac.
As long as Sony funds the project and owns the IP its called 2ndparty.

IrishAssa2871d ago

Visual yes, gamplay no, while it does look good the gameplay hardly pushes the Ps3, no physics involved or anything, if ya know what I mean.
Day 1 anyway

Maddens Raiders2871d ago

because Heavenly Sword and Resistance:FOM showed me the power of the PS3 years ago.

Baka-akaB2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Funny thing is while you tried to troll with your point (if i misunderstood , sorry in advance , it's hard to tell with some of the people around here) , it kinda did . Even by today's standard Heavenly sword is still beautiful and very good .

And well Resistance was a more than decent launch game .

execution172871d ago

wonder how better everything will look when the idle spu is unlocked, look at the PSP after they unlocked the processor on there the games started looking way better

Maddens Raiders2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

me...? trolling? I don't think so baka. are you new here? XD

Baka-akaB2871d ago

Again sorry :p .
But i rarely see HS an ROFM not being bashed here for little reasons .

Blaze9292871d ago

....yeah becuase everyone keeps acting like Fahrenheit never existed >_>

Baka-akaB2871d ago

Well everyone did ignore Farenheit when it was out , sadly . And while i expect the same fate , only less harsh for HR ... it made an impact because it's a quite good looking game , and it still improved a lot upon what was in Farenheit in terms of gameplay and choices .

sikbeta2871d ago

Sony: Heavy Rain 'shows off the power of PS3'


·Uncharted Drake's Fortune
·Killzone 2
·Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
·God of War 3
·The Last Guardian

Gamers FTW!!!

we won2871d ago

I know Sony is trying to hype this up and they are nervous because of MAG but most the people in here won't even buy this game so why bother SONY. The Power of PS3 can produce static Movie games?

Antan2871d ago

We Won, POG, Why Dis, Moneybuyseverything etc etc, reported as spam.

menoyou2871d ago

I'm so glad Sony took a risk with this game. I'm sure all the intelligent gamers out there are tired of the same old formula. We really need as many innovative games as possible.

Blaze9292871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

nevermind this comment...

randomwiz2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Its true that one spe is disabled, but its not functional in most ps3's.

When producing a cell chip, you don't always get 8 working spe's. Most have a defect with one of the spe's, and that spe is usually the one that is disabled. Sometimes you may even get cell chips with 2 defects, but those could be recycled for other uses. With one perfect fully functional cell chip produced, there are many more cell chips with a defect in one of the spe's made. This is why Sony went with 7 SPE's - to make it cheaper for them.

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Akagi2871d ago

Personally, I still think Uncharted 2 is the best way to impress or help someone decide whether to get a PS3 or not.

Just sayin'.

Jsynn72871d ago

That's cool and all but I would go with KZ2. That game is a graphical monster.

D4RkNIKON2871d ago

Both Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 should be in every PS3 owners library. IMO

raztad2871d ago

Well, UC2 is a graphical monster but you haven seen HR yet. Dont forget to support the game and judge the visuals by yourself.

sikbeta2871d ago

·Uncharted Drake's Fortune
·Killzone 2
·Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
·Heavy Rain
·God of War 3
·The Last Guardian

Are All Monster, at this point if someone don't already decide for a PS3 is cuz a).he don't like SONY or still believe that SONY killed his pet (?) or b).cuz the Person don't have the Money to pay one

Gamers FTW!!!

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FishCake9T42871d ago

Every game should show the power of a console. If it doesnt it means lazy devs (FF13). IMO it doesnt really matter if its on PS3 because Mass Effect 2 got the same review scores as this. Well done Sony.

Troll_Police2871d ago

All PS3 exclusives show off the power of the PS3 from the breathtaking graphics of Uncharted 2 to the staggering 256 players online of MAG, none of which are possible on other consoles.

D4RkNIKON2871d ago

You sound like you are trying to get Kevin Butler's job..

spektical2871d ago

haha yes they do, but these games can be coded for the 360, BUT they would have to downgrade various aspects of the game, its a fact.

Guido2871d ago

"haha yes they do, but these games can be coded for the 360, BUT they would have to downgrade various aspects of the game, its a fact."

Yes, they could be ported but then MAG would be 32 players instead of 256 and Heavy Rain would look like Indigo Prophesies for the Xbox and PS2. Sure you could port them but you would lose all that they are when played on the more powerful console, the PS3.

Troll_Police2871d ago


SON OF A.........!


Preach on brother!

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chidori6662871d ago

ps3 power released in game like kz2 and uc2 a long time ago.