VideogameUK Hands-On: Star Trek Online (PC)

From the preview:

"The controls were a struggle at first, with my hands being too used to an Xbox 360 pad, but I quickly picked it up by utilising keys as well as the mouse. By the time I got to the later missions I was zapping Borg with ease. The flying took me longer to get to grips with. Learning to manoeuver your ship to protect yourself and keep fire on the enemy is a tricky skill. The first fights involved me flying far too fast at a Borg ship, getting a few shots at it then getting lost, spending far too much time trying to get back into a tactical position. But when it clicks it becomes good fun. Keeping an eye on your shields at all times, banking around to switch between forward and rear photons (is that right?) before launching your torpedoes when their shields go down creates a real feeling of achievement."

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