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Yahoo writes: "256-player battles. As attention-grabbing headlines go, it's hard to beat MAG's ballsy claim to fame. And certainly, the first time you enter a battle with a full population and discover that Zipper Interactive has managed to deliver on that promise, presenting a generally lag-free multiplayer experience filled with more soldiers than any videogame before it, it seems as though this is one of those rare times where reality has matched the fantasy. MAG lives up to the name behind the acronym: a massive action game, as technically impressive as anything we've seen before in the medium."

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D4RkNIKON3031d ago

This article pretty much hit the nail on the head. This game never boasted great graphics, I personally think they are just under COD4 graphics. The game really shines when you are in a 256 game when teamwork is the only way to ensure a win. The advantages to working with your team to capture or defend objectives earns you double points. Most of the time team mates revive you not even for the good of the war but for their own points. This isn't a bad thing at all because it highly encourages teamwork.

Greywulf3031d ago

1. The reviewer actually spent time with it, and appreciates the teamwork dynamic.

2. The reviewer doesn't spend time with it, and runs and guns then flops it.

Method3031d ago

This is one of the very few games where they've made it enjoyable to play medic and actually encourage people to.

Maddens Raiders3031d ago

"MAG lives up to the name behind the acronym: a massive action game, as technically impressive as anything we've seen before in the medium."

::looks below:: yeah here they come.

cmrbe3031d ago

and yet they still give it an 8.

Just another case of a PS3 exclusive breaking new grounds in gaming and reviewed at a much much higher standard.

spunnups3031d ago

@Method, Resistance 2 was the first to make the Medic Class fun, MAG has perfected it

-Alpha3031d ago

Yup, solid review, solid score, solid game.

MAG achieved what it wanted to and it did it successfully.

It's a matter of subjective taste whether you are into the style of gameplay or not, but it's certainly intriguing. I want to pick up MAG not for the # of players but because the # of players seems to reflect a team-oriented style of gameplay.

If teamwork is as big as fans are making it out to be then I am really frustrated that I am missing out.

Maddens Raiders3031d ago

right like JVN giving Heavy Rain a "con" because: - "Other games will be insipid (hard to move on another game after that)"

seems that SNE is often a victim of its own ingenuity in the eyes of reviewers in this new age. SNE reminds me of Jay-Z in a way, but I won't go into all of that at the moment.

DelbertGrady3031d ago

MSFT kind of reminds me of NAS. ;)

Blaster_Master3031d ago

I revive people thinking they might be good enough to help me flank in a certain direction. Also, use them for bait.

Dev8 ing3031d ago

Do you mean to say that MSFT has become irrelevant? Jay-Z is kinda washed up when was his last good album blueprint (the first one) okay I'll give you the black album but not really. IF Sony is Jay-z and MSFT is Nas that must mean that nintendo is Eminem which I would agree with he does make the most money and he has introduced a lot of people to rap who formerly hated it.

Maddens Raiders3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

man if you're actually being serious, then you know nothing about rap at all. That's why I originally stated, "I won't go into all of that at the moment." Please don't take this any further. Thank you sir.

TheDeadMetalhead3031d ago

@spunnups - You didn't like Medic in Team Fortress 2, or Support in Battlefield: Bad Company? D:

silvacrest3031d ago

gotta agree with Maddens, you dont no your hip hop, eminem has been out of the game for to long to just come back and be king also, from my experience people who didn't like hip hop got into it be listening to lesser known artists, mix tapes and artist who use less vulgarity

jay z washed up? is that why hes at the top of forbes rich list of rappers for 2009? and had top ten hits last year? eminem was 10th btw

this is pretty off topic but i had to correct you

sikbeta3031d ago

MAG is Awesome, Massive Gaming Crews in Different Factions fighting each other is PRICELESS

Gamers FTW!!!

snoopgg3031d ago

Are you people playing this game on hd tvs? I been playing this on my Sony xbr 240hrz 1080p and the game looks way better then modern warfare 2. This game really looks good considering how many people are playing without lag. They could have made it look better with less people, but couldn't have called it mag then. Massive action game it is, and has better then average graphics with no lag. Great job Zipper, no go make a new Socom game.

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Socomer 19793031d ago

Triple aaa experience!
Graphics better than left 4 dead.
Gameplay better than mw2.
Dedication as serious as socom.
Mag is just that dam good. It makes bfbc2 feel empty & zero communication with simplistic game modes a bore.
Way to go zipper! Hooooo yaaaaah!

ps3hasonlyflopgames3031d ago

"Graphics better than left 4 dead."

pff.. are you in crack?

talltony3031d ago

"ps3 only has flop games"

pfff. Are you on crack?

Chubear3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

what you mean "on crack"? It DOES look much better graphically than Halo3, ODST and L4D1&2 and many other FPSs online. You'd have to be blind not to see it clear as day with your own two eyes.

Funny how MAGs graphics became the supposed Achilles heel of the game when all these games mentioned never had their online graphics even remotely viewed as a problem.

Just like the 360fans will find ANY Achilles heel about every single PS3 exclusive especially the new IPs which the PS3 has in abundance and the 360 has hardly any to speak off so their tactics to deflate as many PS3 exclusives as possible so the poor 360 library doesn't look as bad as it truly is.

Resistance1 40v40 - Meh, gears graphics is crap
Heavenly Sword - Too short. I like my halo3& ODST SP with 4hrs instead
Lair - Teh grass!! lol
Uncharted - It's just dude raider lol
MGS4 - Teh movie lolz
Infamous - meh, crap graphics and boring
Heaven Rain - lolz iz teh QTE
GoW3 - generic

If you're a PS3 gamer and you listen to ANY 360 fan talk about PS3 games then you're a moron cause these guys have NO games to speak off so they try to make sure YOU don't support PS3 games so they don't look too bad.

dkgshiz3031d ago

Unlike those earlier reviews of the game that based the review off the beta. What a bunch of lame wad reviewers those people are. Judging your review off a beta?! Are you kidding me?! Otherwise nice review.

DaTruth3031d ago

Now you've gone and done it! Now we will have 200 comments from the EMRLDF(Early MAG Reviews are Legitimate Defense Force)! Yes, there is a bunch of people who really argue that every no-name blogger got on a plane to London for the special trial for MAG!

-Alpha3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

What I find ironic is that nearly NOBODY had a problem with the early reviews because they were actually positive. People only looked at the AA numbers and were happy with it, and didn't ask questions. Once the 6.8 score came in people then threw a fit. Their reason was valid, but they were so passive with the positive scores that came out pre-embargo.
Bit hypocritical from fans all around. I don't think anyone has a valid reason to defend the pre-embargo reviews, but people tend to forget the pre-embargo reviews had some of the same scores as what the game is getting now.

But MAG deserved a clean sweep, so at least it's behind us.

artsaber3031d ago

The more curious I am about it. I want to pick it up, but Mass Effect 2 on PC, Heavy Rain, and GOW3 coming out... whats a gamer to do?

BeaArthur3031d ago

I wasn't all that impressed with the demo/beta but it sounds like it's been improved. Unfortunately I am in the same boat as you. Too many other games that I know I want to get. Also I think the BC2 demo is awesome so that is in the lead to replace MW2. If people are still playing down the road I might check it out.

raztad3031d ago

I know what you mean, I had the same dilemma. Wanted to pick up MAG, HR and GoW3 but cant afford to get all them so close. Time is a big issue.

I picked MAG up because game is multiplayer only and as time passes people get more and more skilful/experienced, and in this game skills/xp is something you need. GoW3 and HR will be there when I need them.

Sarcasm3031d ago

I'd say go and get ME2 NOW!

BeaArthur3031d ago

Definitely pick up ME2, that is a great one that I have trouble putting down.

BlackTar1873031d ago

I would not miss either. I love ME but ill have to admit i did not liek MAG actually thought it was lame for awhile but now im addicted and cant stop to play ME again something i wasnt expecting.

But me playing MAG over ME means nothing ME is a 10/10 great game hands down.

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