Modern Warfare 2: Three Months Later

BNG: "It's almost been 3 months since the release of Infinity Wards record breaking game Modern Warfare 2. Now that we are all sober, I would like to assess the current state of the game truthfully.

Obviously the Single player nor Spec ops mode have not changed, the single player boasts a thrilling, action packed ride with a interesting story which however, moves in a direction of its own. While I wanted to know what was happening and why, the game makes this hard due to a hiccup in the story's pacing and some plotholes. The game's single player is not as well packaged as Call Of duty 4's but definitely contains a lot more action and fantastic set pieces. It came across my mind that Infinity Ward thought of the set pieces then put a story line in after. However the Single Player is worth playing and still a fantastic single Player experience."

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ILLINOIS3238d ago

This game is filled with hackers and glitchers. Filled with so many people who camp for a nuke. So many noob tubbers. So many people who cheat to get a nuke. mw2 has not taken a leap forward. The brand name of the game sold so many copies not the gameplay. Maybe people will play BBC2 and see what a good game is.

chak_3238d ago

3 months later i'm still boycotting, and enjoying the BF beta to some high sky level.

Now I'd like IW and Acti to reconsidere their game, their PC (and console) crowd and come back on the market with some serious new and better product.

But I'm just a stupid french lost somewhere in the world, so I guess I don't count and I'm inferior to the great Kotick :(

rawrockkillz3238d ago

Yep not gonna buy MW2 even if it goes on sale. Dice has delivered (from what I can tell from the Beta) a far superior game.