Sony not killing Connect after all, just Connect jobs

Those rumors of Connect's demise were apparently greatly exaggerated -- Sony today confirmed that while the company is in fact trimming some 20 jobs at the fledging download service, it intends to keep the servers running.

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The KEN KUTARAGI3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Sure they called it a retirement, but I was CANNED!!! But not before I could flip them the bird and give them a big Asian "I QUIT!!"

Mr_Kuwabara3958d ago

Lawl you really wen't from King, to janitor.

THWIP3958d ago

...I guess it's being renamed "Sony Disconnect"? :o

Shaka2K63958d ago

Bored xbots and wiitards expreading FUD.

toughNAME3958d ago

more job losses 4 sony?

kspraydad3958d ago

Earlier reports suggested that the name Connect was leaving (and I still think it is...BEATS is coming) and this says it isn't...other than that earlier reports were accurate regarding job losses and move to PS focus.

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