IncGamers: Games To Watch In February

Find out which games you should be looking out for in February with IncGamers' guide to the month's biggest releases. Featuring BioShock 2 and Heavy Rain, Feb could be another expensive month for game fans.

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Leord3123d ago

Somehow I got it in my mind Heavy Rain was already released!

Redempteur3123d ago

don't worry that's just the hate articles from those who are afraid of it ...

Maticus3123d ago

BioShock might tempt me, but I'm probably going to be playing ME2 all month long *glee*

BeaArthur3123d ago

I'll make some time for Bioshock 2. But you are right I will be playing Mass Effect 2 for awhile. After I finish I'll probably start it back up just to try a different class see how my a** hole Shepherd plays. Another great month for games though.

Redrudy3123d ago

Only time for one...sto...but Bioshock 2 looks damn fine.

Fyzzu3123d ago

STO I can pass on, I'll wait for Dante's to drop in price, AvP I'll pick up when I get a chance, and the rest are probably going to be day one purchases. Sigh.

AndyA3123d ago

It's all about Heavy Rain and AvP for me. Really impressed by what I've seen of AvP, had my doubts about it initially. Game engine looks solid and seems to have that classic AvP atmosphere.

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The story is too old to be commented.