Interview with Dante's Inferno Exec. Producer

For many, Dante's Inferno is a game that raises some questions. This adaptation of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy has been gaining major press, and XboxMessiah had a chance to sit down with Executive Producer Jonathan Knight and ask some questions.

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Dukeoffl3038d ago

I just have to say, on a personal level, that this opportunity was very exciting for me. I was a big fan of Dead Space, and I anticipate big things from this game.

roderick12103038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Great interview Dukeoffl. Judging by the Xbox 360 demo, the game looks great and this interview with Knight raises the bar a little higher. I'm ready and willing to go straight to Hell(via hand basket if necessary). Unfortunately I can't get there quick enough.

stoppre3038d ago

good interview. Can't wait for this game!

CheatsMcGee3038d ago

Good job on the interview. This also relieves me of my fear of multiple endings for this game.

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