New No More Heroes Assassin Revealed

In the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu, Grasshopper Manufacture Game Designer Suda 51 introduced a new assassin character for No More Heroes. He also discussed how the Wii title goes the "opposite direction" of his studio's GameCube game, Killer 7.

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MK_Red4169d ago

Note to Suda 51, he said he wanted his game to be more violent than Manhunt 2. Now Manhunt 2 is totally banned on Wii...
In other words, he cant beat Manhunt2 in violence.

ChickeyCantor4169d ago

well its cell-shaded so maybe its less"violent" more cartoony ?XD
i dont know.

ITR4169d ago

The game will get a M rating regardless due to the cut my head off parts and what not.