AMD has new 45nm quad core – Zosma

Phenom II X4 960T is the name.

Delta Leonis is a star in the constellation of Leo and natives calls it Zosma. Some even calls it Zozma or Duhr. This science class is less important than the fact that AMD's next generation 45nm quad core is codenamed Zosma.

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Letros3241d ago

Interesting, shows that AMD is further ahead in manufacturing than I expected.

CrippleH3240d ago

But the thing is can they finally triumph over Intel performance? They got price down a long while ago but performance was lacking.

dirthurts3240d ago

I'm anxious to see their new stuff. It's a shame I don't expect anything else to fit my AM2+ socket though...

nnotdead3240d ago

AM3 is backwards compatible with AM2+. still have to use DDR2, and might need to upgrade drivers on your board. you might want to double check your board to make sure it is compatible before you go for it.

Gish3240d ago

I bought one of their 550 phenom 2's. Was able to unlock the 2 extra cores. 4 core phenom 2 for $100 = not bad.

Quadrix3240d ago

I'm more interested in the Athlon II X2. I don't need much more power than that.

nnotdead3240d ago

you can get an Athlon II X4 620 for under a $100. most bechmarks for games seem to show it runs just as well against the more higher end Intel and AMD Quad Cores

Quadrix3240d ago

I don't really run any applications that would require 4 cores, and the Athlon II X2 CPUs are incredibly cheap, which make them perfect for a budget PC.

mcgrawgamer3240d ago

right now I have the king, the amd 965 but if this can yield better results and use less power for a decent price I might have to make some financial adjustments to purchase this cpu.

jivah3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

same here..i have a 955..which is da same as a 965..onli difference is multiplier(explains y their clocked 3.2,3.4 respectively)..but doesnt matter cuz i have it oc'ed at 3.8 wit a titan fenrir xmas edition heatsink

but yea im realli interested in these...but im not sure ..price is there but it lacks performance wen compared to i7's.. let alone da rumored soon 2 b release i9's i rather go da extra bucks n oc da hell out of it

but i hope amd can finally step up their performance to give intel a run 4 their money...if amd steps up performance intels drops prices..its better 4 all of us n da enthusiast community

i jus hope its compatible wit am3 mobos..i jus purchased a new board n i dont wanna replace it so quickly