Gamersyde Heavy Rain HD exclusive review videos:

Today Gamersyde wrote a review for the upcoming PS3 exclusive title: Heavy Rain showing many videos, one of them was the full intro, but unfortunately, they deleted the whole page, because the embargo wasn't lifted yet. So a Gametrailers forumer managed to get the links of the shown videos

The deleted review:

Here are the direct links to the vids, the original article got removed:



Daily chores:


Quick time events:


Things can change:


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4cough3120d ago

This game is so wooden, I've seen more charisma in a sack of potatoes.

Rocky873119d ago

----> Open Zone,

leave your BS there!

Hanif-8763119d ago

Please state a game that has a more realistic approach than Heavy Rain?

blair_enigma3119d ago

there isnt any more spoiler related news lingering around, it will only tempt us... and the body is weak you know..

stardusk3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Looking back at Shenmue for the dreamcast ... it was way ahead of its time in how it approached a realistic environment/setting. What's your excuse now Sega? I wish a journalist could get Yu Suzuki's opinion/thoughts about Heavy Rain.

Madeline123119d ago

Yes this game will surprise many when over this year it sells millions and millions.This is just the beginning though there will be more after Heavy Rain.