New Screenshots Of EA Sports MMA

E4G: Today, Electronic Arts has revealed new screenshots for MMA.

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subzero-082791d ago

Game looks nice. Should end up looking like Fight Night Round 4, which I'm fine with. I hope they have solid game play and controls in this game, that would seal the deal for me.

ScoobyDrew2790d ago

They look almost a little cartoony

Dellis2791d ago

UFC 2010 has Kimbo, its over EA

ninjagoat2791d ago

See the second image the guys arm has blisterd from repeated kicks thats class tbh.

Kyur4ThePain2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

That just looks bad. Why do all the women in the crowd have the same retarded pose? Who stands like that?

And WTF is up with Silva? Is he on steroids?

SIX2791d ago

That ain't Silva. It's Lashley I believe. This isn't a UFC game.

DelbertGrady2790d ago

That's Bobby Lashley. He looks even more juiced up in real life.

FLOWCity2791d ago

Still want to play it..But it doesn't look that good to me..IMO

fuckitimout2790d ago

that piece of shat fnr4. probably wont be sine easports suck

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