Blast Magazine: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

The original No More Heroes is one of the better games in the Wii library. There are two responses to that out in the wild, the first of which is, "That goes to show you how poor the Wii's game selection is" and the other, which is, "Absolutely, No More Heroes is just that awesome". It was different from anything else on the system-and still is, in terms of franchises-as it delivered Suda 51's (Killer 7) brand of dementia and adoration for all things retro and nerdy while also steeping the player in ultra-violence, a la Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1.

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EvilTwin3093d ago

Probably the best review I've read for the game.

The bosses aren't quite as memorable this time around. But the more I play NMH2, the more I think that it was intentional. TT was only out for a good time in the original, his motives were simple, and he was fine shooting the breeze with fellow assassins.

This time he's out for revenge, and the assassins are also out for him (he's not just another assassin, he's a local legend).

NMH2 is growing on me...but I'm not quite ready to say it's better than the original.