Command & Conquer 4 Goes into Open Multiplayer Beta

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that PC gamers worldwide can get early hands-on experience with Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight by joining the open multiplayer beta before the game's release in North America on March 16 and in Europe on March 19, 2010. The multiplayer beta gives players a unique opportunity to experience all-new RTS gameplay in the game's new, fast-paced, strategic 5v5 multiplayer mode across four different maps.

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JsonHenry3236d ago

This game SUCKS. I mean REALLY SUCKS. And that is coming from one of the biggest CnC fans EVER.

peeps3236d ago

well i'm in line.

tbh i didn't really enjoy c&c3 so in a way i don't mind them trying something different, which is why i wanna try out this beta to see whether i'll bother or not lol

3236d ago
steve30x3236d ago

I like this game. I dont know why you guys dont like it.