PS3 releases for February 2010s

February sees the release of three PS3 exclusive titles, as well as some big budget multiplatform releases.

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guitarded773237d ago

February is good, especially for RPG fans.

gaffyh3237d ago

Damn 3 exclusives in 1 month for PS3. I really want to get WKC (comes out Feb 26 UK), but Heavy Rain is priority for me.

gauntletpython3237d ago

Can't wait for Heavy Rain. Solid month of releases - but what will be better, Feb or March?

gaffyh3237d ago

March of course! GOW3, FF13, and Yakuza 3

ian723237d ago

Wonder why we haven't seen much of Aliens v Predator. I have had a feeling it wont be very good for a while now. I hope I'm wrong though as if it is good I would definately buy it. Heard a lot about Heavy Rain (good things), but nothing about AvP and it comes out a week earlier.

jalen2473236d ago

That's a pretty solid month for PS3 gamers.