Heavy Rain: Complete Intro Leaked

A new video of Heavy Rain shows the full intro of the game.

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Dipso3037d ago

Absolutely beautiful intro.


for beauty's sake see this thread, you will find everything even the intro vieo in HD from the source site: http://forums.gametrailers....

Cyrax_873037d ago

The music and the whole theme really sucks you in. I freaking need this game nao.

Jsynn73037d ago

Off-topic: Hey. Can someone tell me if PAL PS3 games are playable on US PS3's? I preordered HR from a British site and I don't want to end up paying for a game I can't play. Thanks.

Cyrax_873037d ago

All PS3 games are region free. =)

NeoBasch3037d ago

As far as I know the PS3 is completely region free. So if you would like, you can play the PAL version on any PS3.

nikoado3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

But, isn't DLC sometimes region locked?

sikbeta3037d ago

Amazingness FTW!!!

HR will be Amazing and DC knew it from the beginning

hardmetal3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

PAL DLC will only work with PAL version of any game on PS3 ( the same thing goes for NTSC DLC as it only works with NTSC version ). So, take care with this,Jsynn7.

Maddens Raiders3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

be looking at the game of the year here. It is a real possibility no? I mean this title looks & sounds phenomenal, if not truly groundbreaking so far. Seeing, really is believing.

Jsynn73037d ago

So since I bought the PAL version of the collector's edition but I live in US, will the DLC voucher that comes with the game work even though I live in the US?

Baka-akaB3037d ago


Doesnt matter where you actually play it . The important thing , is when you get the dlc , to get it from the appropriate PSN (or ingame like rockband) store .

So pal game= get the dlc on eu store . Just create an EU account for the dlc .

You dont even need to worry about playing it on a Eu account , just launch the dl , go back to your usual account and install it , then play .

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Nitrowolf23037d ago

just a few more weeks
that really caught the emotion

hay3037d ago

Tempting but no thanks. I'm gonna watch it as it should be watched.

Dipso3037d ago

@hay..kudos for the will power, I have absolutely zero. But sometimes a little hype doesn't hurt.

Pillage053037d ago

Yeah I've spoiled enough of this game for myself already. I've already decided to buy it so no more info on the game for me until after I play it.

Baka-akaB3037d ago

I always stop watching very early vids of games that interest ... that is when they got a story of course .

Redempteur3037d ago

well i won't watch ..i'll reserve my emotion when i'll play the game

bjornbear3037d ago

waiting instead. Still, couldn't resists reading the reactions xD

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Dipso3037d ago

I had a little trouble accessing that site later on, here's a direct link.

Baba19063037d ago

wow the supermarket thing was kinda awesome. cant wait for this

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