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darthv723159d ago

there haven't been any new ones since they debuted. I would like to see more myself.

SpoonyRedMage3158d ago

They've only just finished the trial run, they're probably collecting data and/or figuring out how to better implement them, I think there will be an OS update for if/when they put them on.

rumplstilts3158d ago

still no monsteca corral :(

hatchimatchi3158d ago

I saw the description for Legends of Exidia and i thought, awesome, sounds like a zelda clone. Then i saw that it's for dsi ware....


maybe i'll get it on my girlfriends dsi

SpoonyRedMage3158d ago

Eh, I've been reluctant to pick it up, apparently it's glitchy and only 3 hours long and it's an old Might & Magic cellphone with M&M removed and generic JRPG implanted.

hatchimatchi3158d ago

yea, you're right.

I read an article saying the same things earlier today but I didn't put 2&2 together. Thanks for looking out.