Blu-ray vs HD DVD: game over

Please note that this is not just more news about Blockbuster going Blu-ray exclusive. In this article Robin Harris of The Storage Bits talks about results of this news and Sony Vs Toshiba situation.

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Blackmoses4198d ago

After reading this article...I still have no clue as to who this guy!!
But, he does make some valid points.

but once again another opinion piece.

The KEN KUTARAGI4198d ago

The only company that had anything to lose in this format war was SONY.
Toshiba, sure, they lose too, but if we're talking video games here, it was all or nuthin' for SONY.
They put a lot of stock in Blu Ray, and they pretty much FORCED Blu Ray upon the public.
It makes sense, it worked with the PS2.
Unfortunately, what it has also done is created a game console that is too expensive to be mainstream, and developers realize that just as much as consumers do.
So, while the videophile out there loves SONY for introducing a bargain priced Blu Ray player in the PS3, your average gamer is not ready to committ to a PS3 simply to play Blu Ray movies, so they have decided that their gaming money is better spent on a console that is focused on games... Enter the Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo and Microsoft do not have a hidden agenda like SONY.
SONY makes movies, televisions, and game consoles.
Blu Ray movies... HD Televisions, and the Blu Ray playing PS3.
Everything in the market that is made by SONY is banking on Blu Ray success, and they are more focused on the long term financial gain than they are on the current state of gaming.

They win, we lose.

closedxxx4198d ago

While I don't completely agree that SONY had a hidden agenda, it is true that they are relying on Blu Ray, and that it may affect the way the entire company conducts business, to include making sure that Blu Ray is the next gen format of choice.

They did alienate some consumers when they included Blu Ray into the PS3, which, in turn drove the console price up and out of range of the average gamer

Right now, for gaming, the PS3 is lagging behind, but the console has potential, and many developers still believe in the Playstation 3

I own an Xbox360, a Wii (as of 2 weeks ago), and a PS3.
Like most people who are fortunate enough to have all 3 consoles, the Xbox360 gets the majority of the playing time, but I will be using the PS3 as a Blu Ray player, as SONY expected, and I expect some amazing first party games in the future.

I am disappointed with the lack of games on the PS3 right now, and I do feel like Blu Ray is a priority to games right now for SONY, but SCEA knows it has a strong fan base in the USA, and with the millions of us waiting, you can bet that they will deliver, eventually

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sloth4urluv4198d ago

"game console that has a future"
thats funny, so making a console more expensive makes it have a future.
Cheaper = larger fanbase = more games developed for it = PS2

As you can see from the last generation that more powerfull hardware does not equal the winner.

No fanboyism involved I own neither the xbox or the 360, im just pointing that out.

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sloth4urluv4197d ago

wow your just dumb, comparing SNES to PS2 thats 2 generations apart.

I can agree that the wii and the PS3 arent in the same league, but your wrong on the 360 part.
The PS3 is about as far ahead of the 360 as the xbox was ahead of the PS2.
Looking back you can easily see that the horsepower is not the determening factor of success since the PS2 was the least powerfull of the three main systems last generation. It is the amount of content that the system has.

Thats why PS3 sales are so low atm, unless you really want to play Resistance or Motorstorm you can pretty much play every other game and more on the cheaper system.

When sony finally gets its games out that people are waiting for then sales will go up. People dont want to drop over $600 for a console and wait over a year for games, they want to play now or save their money till the price goes down and more games are out.

Fanboys obviously have no concept of money because they just have their parents buy it for them...

JUSTaGAME4197d ago

If you think the PS3 is any more of a "Future" console than the Xbox360.
The PS3 can never overcome the defecit it created by incorporating a very this/last gen GPU.
And not only that, all of these claims of a "10 year life cycle" are extremely optimistic and misleading.
Will someone still make a game for the PS3 in 2016? Possibly.
Will the PS3 be severly outdated in 2016? You betcha!
Imagine if you had a console that was built on 10yr old technology right now.
No matter how cutting edge it was back in 1997, they had no way of anticipating the advances technology would see in 5 years let alone 10 years.
Consoles have never been the industry to play "keepin' up with the Jones'" regarding PC hardware, and as much as SONY would have you believe that the PS3 will be competing with PC hardware years down the road, that is simply ridiculous.
In 5 years, we will all be ready for a new console, they are somewhat disposable, and that is why we generally expect to pay a modest amount for them. They are not upgradable, or expandable, so we want to get the best value system at the best price, knowing that PCs will outrun them early in their life cycle, and they will be ready to hang it up in 5 or 6 years.
Now, with the PS3, you have just shelled out nearly 2x as much as you would for a competing console, only to get the same amount of longevity out of it.
If you want to pay top dollar, and expect to be in the game 10 years for now, you need to get out of console gaming, and invest in a top of the line gaming PC that can be upgraded as technology advances.
The only saving grace for the PS3 is its Blu Ray playback.
Even after the gaming hardware is obsolete, it will still be able to play Blu Ray movies which will surely be the next gen disc format for Hi Def movies.

uxo224197d ago

Com'n man,

You would be more believable had you not combined all others consoles as being inferior to the PS3. Even if it is a superior product (which I'm not convinced of yet) It sure isn't any fun right now outside of motorstorm and RFOM. I've had mine since two months after launch and I only have Motorstorm and a bunch of demos that I am tired of. The reason for that is because I don't care that much about RFOM and everything else on it (That I would play) I already have it on my 360.

Sony, has really given us the middle finger as far as getting some games out there. If they pushed the console for games even half a much as they are pushing it for Blu-Ray, everyone would be happy. Sony (at least to me) appear to be smiling and nodding yes to us all, and then going behind closed doors and say to each other..."okay, now, what were we doing before they interupted us with their whining..oh yeah blu-ray..."

I love a good product, I love both my 360 and my PS3. But I would like to get some use out of my 600 investment. And I'm not that big on movies. I'm not bias for either MS or Sony, but I am PISSED AS HELL at Sony, for blowing us all off and continuing to do so.

It's kinda annoying to watch people still play Sony spin doctor, even with Sony Feces all over their face and hands from Sony Sh!tting on them. And M$ is no angel either, they appear to be sitting there trying to counter anything Sony does instead of getting off their A$$es and fixing these RODs and dropping prices. In the end Nintendo will probably rule it all because they are writing down Sony and M$ mistakes and making sure that don't repeat them.

Anyway, we need to stop being lemmings and think outside the BOX, both boxes the xbox and the PS3.

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Laka4198d ago

Danm MS, how do you feel now people calling you a loser? Well, let's wait to hear what MS has to say first.

cuco334198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

they simply made the choice as a counter to BR and even said if the format were to die they would switch to BR add ons for their 360s

u must love swallowing that sony load on a daily basis

to counter your idiocy and apparent d*ckriding and let's not forget that blockbuster and similar companies also backed betamax over vhs at one point and we know how that turned out. i've always said that ps3 and it's lack of games would be reason enough why the 1st 6months-1year would show big advantage for BR. sales figures clearly showed the market share switch right after the launch of ps3 as fact enough. now when the games come are ps3 owners gonna continue buying as many $25-$45 movies when for a few bucks more they can get a game or are the sales going to plum it since we all know majority of hd dvd players are not the ms add ons meaning more stand alones meaning more high def movie only buffs have chosen a format. i for one refuse to chose a format until a format wins and the prices for the movies drops. all this talk of winners even with proof for a few months in the lead is only propaganda. all that will take either format to clearly take a big lead is a really cheap high def player, and hd dvd seems to be rumored to be first in that realm

anyone who says this war is over is just a tool or a lemming because it will go on well into next year minimum

edit: look at all the trolls disagreeing with me. i state neutral information and opinion and anyone who thinks otherwise because they are blinded by their fanboyism goes on and hits a negative. grow up people, or at least hit puberty and focus on women for once

closedxxx4198d ago

An article was written MONTHS ago about how Microsoft may know that HD DVD would never win the format war.
It makes sense that they would back a competing brand though.
It can only help drive down the price of Blu Ray players and discs if there is a competing format that is cheaper to produce.

Microsoft is not a loser here, but toshiba may be.
Microsoft still has a format neutral console that is built to expand and adapt.
Don't be surprised if there is a Blu Ray add-on for the Xbox360 if HDDVD completely dies.
Its good for us that HD DVD hung in there as long as it has, because now we see Blu Ray labeled products priced in a reasonable range.

Spartan154198d ago

You get disagreed because you said microsoft wasn't behind hd dvd

San anto4197d ago

oh i wont be suprised if M$ added blu-ray, yet another add on

uxo224197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

I like addons, addons mean choices. I don't know about you, but I kind of like ordering everything on my menu. Package deals always seen to throw in sh!t that people won't buy otherwise. So, give me an option for an addon anyday.

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power of Green 4198d ago

PS3 contributor's are becoming way too belligerent.

Kyur4ThePain4198d ago

Goodbye then.

Actually, you probably just don't realize how big this is yet.
But, I's becoming a little much (on the whole Blu-Ray thing) today.


sony4life4198d ago

dont just jump on sony fanboys get on M$ fanboys also. The way that both groups are acting is very childish and so was ur comment.

4198d ago
JCDenton4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

^ ^ ^

"Sony brothers"???... That was really pathetic... Grow up, kid!

LeonSKennedy4Life4197d ago

That guy NEEDS bubbles. There's no other way to get the other Sony fans' attention. I gave him positive feedback...because his statements were correct.

When you say something correct, I'll give you bubbles too.

powerofgreen - no...

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sony4life4198d ago

HD-DVD ad on!!!! No wait there are still alot of good movies coming to this format

MK_Red4198d ago

Was Blockbusters move really end of the war? I dont think so. While it was really important and caused many to rethink about the format wars, I think the war will be officially over ONLY when Universall studio becomes natural and releases for BD as well as HD.

fenderputty4198d ago

but I do agree with you. Universal is their last chance. If they become neutral, things will be looking even worse then they are right now.

masterg4198d ago

I wasn't the end. It was the beginning of the end. I would give it 3 months tops before Universal accepts blu-ray.