Monster Hunter Tri~ Set to Launch in Three Editions

Wii owners will get to taste the game that has become a phenomenon in Japan, when Monster Hunter Tri~ roars into life across Europe in April 2010. And you'll be able to hunt effectively as a pack, as the game will be fully Wii Speak compatible.

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AnotherGamerUser3242d ago

This comes here, that controller looks sick!

Hisiru3242d ago

Wii speak support? That's great news!

JosiahB3242d ago

I'll be getting the bundle with the classic Controller Pro only, cause I already have Wii Speak. And this will make playing online so much better with Wii Speak!

Myst3242d ago

Stuck between whether I want to get the bundle with Wii Speak included or the bundle with the classic controller pro...

Redempteur3242d ago

Capcom is really making the launch flawless ...

Now will gamers follow ... i hope so because some games need to sell ..

But i do not worry much ..there are plenty of monster hunters fan in europe since the success of the psp games ..

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The story is too old to be commented.