Mafia II: "No Other Open World City Comes Close"

2K Games has revealed its open world setting for Mafia II will set a new benchmark for sandbox gaming.

In an interview with IncGamers, the game's senior producer Denby Grace emphasised that as well as having a strong narrative, on a technical level, Mafia II will stand out from the competition.

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Fyzzu3235d ago

Strong words. I actually reckon they can back these up, though - Mafia 2 looks amazing.

AndyA3235d ago

It is a bold claim, but Mafia still stands as one of the best open world games I've played.

Fyzzu3235d ago

Yeah, true. Don't get me wrong - I love Vice City and GTA4's Liberty City, but Mafia's Lost Heaven actually felt a bit more "real." Given the graphical updates and the work everyone else has put into making open-world cities, and those screenshots (the one in the snow!) I actually have faith they can pull this off.

Baka-akaB3235d ago

I'm sure Mafia 2 could and would be better , but people always forget foreign sandbox games like Yakuza (or back then shenmue in the mix) .

YA3 and to a less extent do it better than GTAIV ...

Fyzzu3235d ago

Point. I'd actually forgotten about Yakuza - that had one of the best cities I've seen in games. So vibrant.

Shenmue less so, but I think that was down to the tech more than anything. It was still amazing.

kalebgray923235d ago

will redefine virtual new york city

TheDudeAbides3235d ago

one of very few games I plan to buy instead of renting

pimpmaster3234d ago

whens this game even out? honestly, just about anything from 2k is delayed and never coming out. honestly all 2k games dont even have release dates and have been delayed extensively.

max payne 3, mafia 2, agent,la noire, red dead redemtion, i dunno wtf is going on over there at 2k but they need to get it together.

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Leord3235d ago

We'll see if it has a better feel than GTA or not...

AndyA3235d ago

I went back to GTA IV recently after playing Saints Row 2 and it felt pretty sluggish. Can't help but think if Rockstar had managed to squeeze a few more fps out of the engine it would have been incredible. Here's hoping 2K can get Mafia II running well.

BeaArthur3235d ago

Agreed, I am going through Liberty City Stories and I forgot how much I was annoyed by the shooting and cover mechanics. The controls are too clunky and I constantly get killed through no fault of my own. Hopefully Mafia will have some good side quests because that is something else that is lacking from GTA4.

Persistantthug3235d ago

What did you mean by, "I constantly get killed through no fault of my own"...what do you mean by that?


BeaArthur3235d ago

I mean the controls are so awkward and clunky that because the character moves so slowly and sometimes can't get into cover correctly that it causes me to die. If you have played the game you would know what I mean.

AndyA3235d ago

The cover system is enormously glitchy.

Shane Kim3235d ago

To me the GTA franchise died with VC. It won't be hard to top GTA4.

table3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

The GTA franchise never died and is still absolutely incredible. I had as much fun in GTA4 than with any GTA especially because of the physics engine. Mafia and GTA arn't that similar. They are both open world and they are both awesome, but that is about all they have in common. One is serious and the other is tongue in cheek.

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thetamer3235d ago

I'm looking forward to this, and the fact that it's going to happen over a period of time is awesome.

chak_3235d ago

whatever, just get it out already ^^

BeaArthur3235d ago

Would you rather wait and have the best possible game or would you rather have an untested and glitchy game?

Perjoss3235d ago

no no, take your time and make it an amazing game, Blizzard style.

Shaman3235d ago

While i love GTA,especially Vice City,you got to hand it to the Mafia.In my opinion Mafia was the best sandbox game ever,and sequel looks to be just better in every aspect,cant freakin wait!

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