Sony "United Policy" A Winning Strategy Says It's 3D Division

United we stand, divided we fall. You've heard the term used many times before but have you ever witnessed its results? I have: It'll bridge divides, unite a people, change lives, and save lives. There is no stronger force than unity and it seems the company from the land of the rising sun is magnifying unity as part of its vision to help streamline business and give it an edge above the rest.

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mjolliffe2971d ago

3D - It won't be the next big thing.

movements2971d ago

That you don't Know mj, that's something you don't know!

sikbeta2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )


WHAT? you only buy "big things", so you only buy everything APPL€-ish cuz is Damn Popular and stuff, right?

Who cares if it's not a big thing, WHEN YOU CAN ENJOY IT and another thing is that not only SONY is supporting 3D, every Electronic Company is Supporting it + Film Industry + Broadcasting, so if you don't like it cuz SONY is pushing 3D Gaming + Movies, you'll end up disliking all the Companies that are Supporting 3D lol

3D is an Awesome Thing

3D Gaming FTW!!!

bacon132971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

@at above

Yes 3D gaming FTW.......if it's not affortable and integrates glassless technology then it's FTL.

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ExgamerLegends22971d ago

What a sane yet sensational idea.

movements2971d ago

It's not just any communication they're talking about...

You should know that some corporations have departments that don't communicate with each other at all...

Sony wants to eliminate this from its strategy, creating something that's open so everyone knows what's going on which in turn helps kill duplication...

You know how we hate duplicates here.. lol

respawnaction2971d ago

I've gotta buy a new tv now...

movements2971d ago

3D Gaming will eventually take hold folks...

Believe that!

LOL @ Spawn..