The Last Guardian: Website Launched With Screenshots and Videos

Sony launched the official website of The Last Guardian. The website contains some screenshots and videos for the upcoming PS3 exclusive.

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movements3155d ago

Another great title to look forward to..

nix3155d ago

i saw all the pics and i already love the gremling and the kid.

good day for gamers. first was all 5/5 ratings for Heavy Rain. now loads of pics from one of the most anticipated games - the last guardian.

next will be FFVsXIII.

sikbeta3155d ago

YEAH... this is MY GAME, I'll support every Game made by Fumito Ueda and I know TLG will surpass SoTC in Every Way

Gamers FTW!!!

bjornbear3155d ago

versus release date hasn't been announced yet o.o is it coming that soon? =P

Aquarius3155d ago

They should release a ICO/SOTC Collection on Blu-ray.
I never played them.

This might come out this year since the delayed games are being released in March, mostly.

It might get delayed to 2011 since this Autumn will be all about Motion-Controls, nothing else.

Jinxstar3155d ago

Can someone link the actual real website for me and not all these german redirects to other game pages... Thanks

Freak of Nature3155d ago

To me it's more than just another great title coming...This is more like an event to me...

Timesplitter143155d ago

The Last Guardian will cure gaming

Julie3155d ago

This is more than a game , this is a key to a magic world i love it

pixelsword3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Are they trying to break my PS3 by having it run 24/7?

I already got MAG,
Heavy Rain and GoW III are coming out,
and I know The Last Guardian is going to be huge having played SotC (I STILL need to play Ico).

dbieon123154d ago

Throw in Jaffe's new project (rumored to be Twisted Metal).

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Baba19063155d ago

lover the trailer music. amazing.

Kakihara3154d ago

I'd have to say, judging by that track this could have one of the most beautiful soundtracks of any game ever. It just reaches into your heart and squeezes.

Equinoxe_73155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Great, maybe we will se the game sooner than later, summertime/fall!?

TheLastLevel3155d ago

I'm expecting nothing less than perfection from this game.

Freak of Nature3155d ago

Same here,I expect perfection,and somehow know that it will meet my expectation.This game cannot ever be overhyped for me personally,as I know it will deliver the goods....

Lou Ferrigno3155d ago

HAHA you ps3 droids are idiots,getting constant AAA quality TRUE exclusives with a graphical power over the competition and a far more mature community,your all a bunch of fools.

while us AWESOME bots get 1 so called "exclusive" a year with a childish pedofile harrassing community,a 54% failure rate and overpriced peripherals,all while paying $50 to here little 360 cheerleaders cry racial comments over the mic.
bots are the sh!t man,im telling you,just look at how awesome Metalgearising and shadowman are.. delusional,irritating,childish microsoft tools.. cant be us dumb droids.

jump in and get burned (literally)

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The story is too old to be commented.