Critical Gamer: Bayonetta: 360 review

Critical Gamer writes: Evolution is a wonderful thing, it's the gradual improvement of something to make it better and faster than it was before. Thousands of years ago we were bashing bits of flint together to make rudimentary tools, now we're buying skinny latte coffee whilst dancing to our MP3 files of German sub techno. The same thing applies to video games; sometimes developers will stop churning out sequels as if their lives depend on it and instead concentrate on honing and sharpening up what has come before. Bayonetta falls into that category and it doesn't need an MP3 of German techno to prove it.

If you looked at any preview of Bayonetta before its release then you'd be quite forgiven for thinking that you were witnessing nothing more than a rehash of Devil May Cry. Your thoughts would probably be confirmed greatly when you saw that the game was being made by Hideki Kamiya, the man who made his name at Capcom working on the Devil May Cry series. Both games feature guns, swords and mythical monsters but as a result of DMC losing its way with the last couple of games in the series it's been up to Bayonetta to take it somewhere new. It does this with absolute gusto, reprising what has gone before in the most vivid way possible.

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