Gamersyde: Red Dead Redemption Hands-On

Gamersyde writes: "After a second presentation of Red Dead Redemption last week, we figured you might be interested in reading our hands-on article. Last week's presentation gave us the opportunity to get our hands on a slightly more recent build of the game."

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hagla3121d ago

This game will be better than the GTA series... I reckon :)

DanSolo3121d ago

Yeah I think this could be the game that GTA4 should have been.
This is the one title I am really looking forward to this year, I enjoyed playing GUN on the PS2 and always thought how much better it could have been if it had been done right.
From the looks of things... it's now been done right!

Hopefully the game will sell well and be a success as there are not many games set in the west so it's nice to have something a little different from the usual stuff.