Five Features I Hope To See With A Premium PlayStation Network

Ironstarmovement writes: "There has always been room for improvement in Sony's PlayStation Network, the strides that have been made to improve the service have attracted fans to the PlayStation 3 overall."

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Typical-Guy3212d ago

Hope as much as you can, but as long as Eric (d!ckhead) Lambel is in charge of PSN, you won't get anything you ask for. That's what we have seen so far.

bohemian 233212d ago

Is the "premium" going to cost money or what? I just got a ps3 so I'm not up to speed on everything PSN related.

Raoh3212d ago

I'd like to see a cloud game save feature.. i have 2 ps3's and go back and forth between them.. saving them to a usb stick is ok at times but not always.. would be especially helpful if it also worked with locked save files that can't be copied between ps3's