Allegedly Speaking: APB Preview

Uncle Pedro writes...

"Due for release some time in spring 2010, APB (All Points Bulletin) could possibly be the most awesome thing ever – let's just have a re-cap: David Jones created the preposterously influential Grand Theft Auto. He was head of the team that made Crackdown. If anyone is going to have a few ideas about how to make a ground breaking street crime MMO, it's going to be this guy."

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Myst3159d ago

Still wondering if the 360 version is ever going to come about, anyway can't wait to play this game.

young juice3159d ago

god i hope so, it looks very fun. i cant afford a gaming pc, BUT if this is released on 360 (ungimped to a certain degree) id buy a cheap 360. but if it doesnt ill just save up for a pc. then id buy splinter cell convictio, mass effect 2, and abp on the computer. thats the game plan

omni_atlas3159d ago

Its quite cheap to upgrade your PC. Did so for mine back home the other day for quite cheaply --

Ati 4650 < $100.00
2 GB ram < $60
new motherboard < $60
Intel 2.6 ghz overclocked to 3.0 ghz < $100

Thats around ~ 300 , yeah you could buy a new xbox for that money, but you can do so much more with the PC.

NegativeCreepWA3158d ago

I built my first gaming PC just so I can play this, Its also a games for windows title so its fully compatible with the 360 controller.

Komega3158d ago

Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz
Evga 680i sli mobo
2x xfx 8600gt in sli mode
4 gigs OCZ ram

While I know I'm going to have to upgrade my cards pretty soon, I'm hoping that I can get away with playing APB on my current build for awhile. Why would anyone want to play a gimped console version of this game.

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Komega3159d ago

Can the 360 even handle an MMO of this nature without having to seriously strip the game down?

MajesticBeast3159d ago

to be honest there hasnt been much info on the game i would like some more it looks good but i dont know if i would buy it.

BreakNeckSpeed3158d ago

Hot picture is hot... the only reason I came here xD

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