On the Contrary: MW2's Takedown Is Horrible

There is no reason for this level to be this punishing and unforgiving during the first act. How are people supposed to navigate this labyrinth? It's never clear where they need to go.

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zaza1262971d ago

such a pain... especially on the harder difficulties where it seems there are an endless supply of enemies that seem to just spring up from the ground to appear anywhere

Solans Scott2971d ago

To be honest I played the game and didn't have any problems navigating the level. A good way not to get lost would have been to hug the perimeter of the map and keep moving forward.

SuperbVillain2970d ago

honestly this was the most annoying level for me..not because it was hard,but after you catch that black guy,the level gets really boring,just a crap load of enemies in a boring level