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Submitted by Cyrus365 2126d ago | article

Destructoid: Is Heavy Rain doing videogames a disservice?

Destructoid writes: "Heavy Rain arrived this week, stuffed in a fancy box with all manner of promotional material. I can't talk about the game itself right now until the embargo, but what I can talk about is the pre-release hype, and the way in which is seems to undermine the accomplishments of videogames as a creative medium.

You've doubtless heard game director David Cage talking about his "interactive drama," likening it to movies and almost distancing it from videogames, trying to make out that it's something more than a mere game. I would like to direct you to the aforementioned promo material I received, and two statements that really stuck out for me." (Heavy Rain , PS3)

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villevalorox  +   2126d ago
I'm sorry but i disagree with this. How is making a video game that gives the feel and immersion that a HWP would a discredit to video games? If anything it extends the gaming genre.
Dutch Boogie  +   2126d ago
Also i don't get why people cannot accept the fact that it is an interactive game. Heavy Rain is a genre in itself and it's main goal is to tell a story with players on the end-side making choices to unravel the outcome.

Hmm...i wonder why i haven't heard anyone question Alan Wake for the same reasons. Don't you control the characters with a controller? Aren't they both Adventure/thriller games? don't they have stories?

So why the hate for Heavy Rain. God knows we need more innovative games instead of the usual space cowboy marine/alien hunter lol.

Just my two cents, but i'd rather play something fresh that requires me to think instead mindlessly killing a green turd.
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Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2126d ago
I just read the article and then I see bungie's comment and I'm like WTF? What is he talking about? It is obvious that he didn't even read the first sentence of this article. Because what the author is criticizing is not the game itself but the description of it provided by Sony and Quantic Dream. =\

The author say that Heavy Rain should stand for what it is, a game and not compare it to movies like if they were so much superior to video games. But what the destructoid author does not understand is that Heavy Rain's a kind of game that survive through its narrative more than its gameplay and when it comes to narratives video games can't even hold a candle to hollywood. Now that's the purpose of:

* "Film Quality Narrative -- Heavy Rain brings a high-quality story filled with tension, emotion, intrigue, and dramatic sequences."

* "Hollywood Production Values -- From the length of the script, to the musical core, to the number of hours of motion capture, Heavy Rain is a vast and ambitious project that delivered a true film noir feel as well as production values that rival a cinematic experience."

And that's why Sony and Quantic Dream used this description. Heavy Rain is literally an interactive movie. This is not like Metal Gear were you do a mission then long cut-scene then another mission and cut-scene... Heavy Rain has the plot and cut-scenes integrated to the gameplay. Just look at the video when the kid is lost in the mall... You're not watching a cut-scene with the guy looking for the kid around the mall, you're looking for the kid yourself with complete interaction with the environment. That's the kind of story telling and narrative that goes beyond Metal Gear or whatever other game you want to say that it is close to Hollywood movies. I mean, in "Heavy Rain" even when the guy's brushing his teeth you're the one brushing his teeth with the freaking sixaxis! You're in complete control of the character in every moment and when you aren't then that's when the QTE's comes into the scene.

If Heavy Rain's not something that could be compared to hollywood then I don't know what it is. What other description could have Sony/Quantic Dream used? Something between the lines of "Incredible narrative like you have never seen in video games!" or something like "Film Quality Narrative, Hollywood Production Values".

I believe that Jim dude didn't thought his article well enough...
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Ravage27  +   2126d ago
@Dutch Boogie
As unbelievable as it sounds, there are some people who actually likes playing the same thing over and over again. They lack the ability to appreciate a good story and fail to understand that some people treat games as an experience.

That's why they will never have anything positive to say about HR.To them, anything that doesn't involve guns or hack&slash can't be called a game. It's ok to spend 60bucks on mw2 even though you did the exact same thing in cod4 years ago minus some perks&streaks. It's ok to spend 60bucks on a 4hr campaign with an 'innovative' firefight mode and the SAME old multiplayer. But it's NOT ok to spend it on an experience that offers something different.

Heavy Rain is as much a game as MGS4. That's because you can INTERACT with the environment and AFFECT the outcome of the story. Does movies allow you to do that? Does Avatar allow you to control Colonel Miles and wipe out the Na'vi?

Just because HR has non-traditional gameplay doesn't make it anything less 'gamey'. You can argue that HR requires little skill to play but i can name many all-time favourite games that only involves spamming the same move/combination/strategy to get through the game yet it certainly didn't stop them from being great games. And honestly, how many games truly require skills to complete today?
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peeps  +   2126d ago
lol it's funny how fanboys keep brining up the gte's... i guess they missed out on indigo prophecy which was an amazing game, but that was multiplat so most likely didn't have fanboys complaining about 'it only having qte's...' when of course it's not just qte's anyway lol
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Guido  +   2126d ago
"Destructoid: Is Heavy Rain doing videogames a disservice?"
No less of a disservice that you make when you write stupid articles that make no sense. Sorry, but Destructoid is the bane of all that is video games and it saddens me to see they have managed to survive this long. Perhaps with a shot of real journalism could they then be considered a viable source of information but until then, they are simply going to forever remain trash.
peeps  +   2126d ago
"but not all gamers like to sit back for a story driven game with QTEs and multi endings
and some gamers like to just play games for fun"

and not all gamers like to play games full of action and little story, and some gamers enjoy more than 1 genre of game...

theres nothing wrong with a bit of variety in gaming lol
ZootHornRollo  +   2126d ago
thank you
for a site to say the truth. this game is going to ruin every thing games have made.
callahan09  +   2126d ago
His entire argument is one big run-on fallacy.

"[Quantic Dream]'s in the videogame business, and it should be comparing itself to the best of its medium, not the best of other mediums."

Wrong. They're in the entertainment business. It doesn't have to be so black and white. Heavy Rain is an interactive cinematic experience. Call it a game, call it a movie, both descriptions are accurate. There's plenty of room in the entertainment industry for experimentation.
peterdawa  +   2126d ago
Dutch Boogie totally agree with you. Why are people trying to oppress ingenuity and innovation. Ive been playing games for over 25 years and ive been dying for such a game.Games that go an extra step to offer us new intelligent gameplay should be encouraged.Gameplay extends beyond shooting.
Jamie Foxx  +   2126d ago
destrutoid, maybe QD are sick of how gaming is headed
i for one am sick of how yearly update shooters get high scores from sites like destructoid which bring nothing new to their respected genres.

even mass effect 2 which is supposed to be an 'rpg' has lost so many rpg elements its more of a third person shooter im enjoying it but im wondering how this is labelled as an 'rpg'....and thats all we get these days its tiresome.

sony are the only company trying to broaden our experiences from heavy rain to modnation racers..just trying to evolve a genre which has already had the foundations laid.

so for companies like destructoid if you wernt so dependant on the halos,modern warfares then maybe you would see where QD are coming from and what they are trying to achieve.
peeps  +   2126d ago
i guess ur a new fanboy here. haven't seen you before but seem to be all over the HR topics for some reason lol

"for a site to say the truth. this game is going to ruin every thing games have made. "

u mean like farenheit did... oh wait

the number of fanboys popping up recently is getting ridiculous. i can only assume ppl's bubbles are finally running out and in actual fact a large number of fanboys are probably just the same person who has nothing better to do than spam N4G rather than discuss gaming like a large number of people would like to
thereapersson  +   2126d ago
@ Callahan
Completely agreed. Since when does it have to be so cut and dry?

Sounds like the only person who is doing the medium a disservice is this guy, with his self-imposed limitations and restrictions on what he thinks videogames should conform to.

He's the reason why games like Modern Warfare 2 are so widely accepted this generation, despite doing absolutely nothing REMOTELY fresh or revolutionary in ANY WAY. But because they conform to his pretentious standards, it's A-OK.

@ Peeps

For someone who hates this game and its genre so much, Zoot sure does find himself attracted to everything Heavy Rain related. I wonder why?
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Ravage27  +   2126d ago
wth zoot
no one is asking you to like it, what's wrong with variety? Everyone has their preferences and there's nothing wrong with preferring games that are all about having fun or in this case, games that offers unique experiences.

Just keep in mind that some people are getting tired of playing the same thing and are eager to try something new
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frankymv  +   2126d ago
This article is doing gamers a disservice
Why do they post this garbage article?
Baka-akaB  +   2126d ago
I agree with Dutchboogie here ... it would have been distracting with motion controls .
And it wouldnt change the attacks anyway . It could have been worse even with the usual "gimmick" comments about motion controls
sikbeta  +   2125d ago
Destructoid: Is Heavy Rain doing videogames a disservice CUZ IZ NOT A SHOOTER?


Here we GO again, something Different is taken as something BAD, one of the Lamest things EVER

This Game will be Amazing, nobody can't deny that just cuz the characters are not 100% Fully Controlable and they not have a weapon glued in the arms
jmare  +   2125d ago
Did any of you read the article or did you just read the title?
The author has a point, to a point. While I can agree that games need to stop bullshit comparisons like the whole Citizen Kane thing, the medium has still not progressed to the point where references to games only will be understood by the mainstream. This is in part due to the relatively short history of videogames, but it is also due to the fact that up until recently story in games was simply the the explanation of why you were doing any given thing and it never really went much deeper than, "They're bad, kill them." Movies are used as a frame of reference because they are something that the mainstream understands.
Baka-akaB  +   2125d ago
And did you read most dtoid's article or some of the likeminded outlets ? They always outright dimiss games with lenghty cutscenes and heavy storytelling as "movie wannabe" .
At least it made me laugh and my day in a few occasions . Like again Xenosaga ... wich the press was eager to dismiss as a game without only cuscenes and no gameplay whatsoever . Yet i've often seen people shed tears about the game's difficulty , if you just follow the plot without xp and the various quests . Or getting surprised even so by the game's relative harsh nature , while usually claiming to be bad ass at qte infested action games .

It's not so much players and videogame writers setting up movies as the ultimate medium . They just bring it up because that's the only common reference some might understand .

And look at your post your actually guilty of what you accuse others of , when looking deeply at it :

"due to the fact that up until recently story in games was simply the the explanation of why you were doing any given thing and it never really went much deeper than, "They're bad, kill them."

I never understood such statements . I hardly understand why gamers , people working in the field , and the so called gaming press are so eager to view the medium as so inferior to books or even movies in storytelling .

I've been playing games for probably the last two decades, and as far as i am concerned , i've quite often seen plots in games easily as good or better than movies , and instead around the level of books .

That many people ignored those games and chose instead brainless action and then suddenly discover gta 4/mass effect in the HD era , is only their own fault and choice ...
The only thing that really changed was obviously the technology allowing for better direction and "photography" ... But one cannot seriously comes and tell me that GTA is better written than Beneath a steel sky , , or that Mass effect was really better written than anything in Bioware's past , among many other things .

Seriously why such an imprint on many fellow gamers mind ? Movies are the place where comics , manga , books and games adaptation goes to die ...
Where their plot is shredded into tiny pieces till the skin is left , and barely enough to adapt into a tiny 2-3h hour format , and with the limits of a budget (with usually roughly enough to feature half movie time with sfx) , and creativity .

I do not envy movies , and i'm sure that Quantic dreams and other cinematic and story driven devs dont either .
They most likely know that Heavy wouldnt fit properly and with all it's original qualities in a movie trilogy .
They just mention movies for marketing purpose , and to appeal to the gamers obsession with movies .
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SilentNegotiator  +   2125d ago
It's a Jim Sterling article. Ignore and move on.
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TheDudeAbides  +   2125d ago
Destructoid is doing a disservice to the industry
by questioning Heavy Rain's awesomeness
ChickeyCantor  +   2125d ago
"Also i don't get why people cannot accept the fact that it is an interactive game. "

Same reason why "HARTKOREEEEEEE" gamers cannot accept that "casual"games are "games" too.

honestly im not interested in this "game". Story might be deep, but gameplay wise it just sucks for me.
Andronix  +   2125d ago
A game shouldn't be attacked for trying something new
Quantic Dreams have made this game 'Heavy Rain' and are trying to deliver a new video game experience. Destructoid instead of praising QD for taking a new artistic direction complain about it - presumably they are upset that it is not another forumlaic FPS or platformer.

As gamers we have to wait until Heavy Rain launches to see whether it fulfils its promise, but risky games like Flower, Braid and Heavy Rain are to be celebrated for trying to take gaming in new directions. Not all new ventures will deliver, but you can be sure that I am willing and able to give them a chance.
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4Sh0w  +   2125d ago
I'm so sick of the elitist gamer attitude,
I completely disagree with Destructoid. It's absurd to suggest that by QD's offering a "different" experience will somehow hurt gaming because it aims to compete with movies. Listen of course gaming has made significant accomplishments on its own to be compared to othe highly regarded mediums but going outside the box, making a "hybrid" experience isnt going to hurt gaming. Variety never hurts any industry, the worst case scenario is that it might spark a new niche genre for gamers who like that type of experience, if its attractive enough to many gamers it just might be more than a niche genre, the mass gamers will decide and thats how it should be, I said the same with Natal, the gamers will decide its fate, and thats how it should be, because I have alot more faith in the mass public determining the direction of gaming vs an elitist gamer on n4g or an elitist opinion from Destructoid. Why are gamers so paranoid, no matter how good a "different" type game might turn out as long as shooters, rpg's, action games, etc stay fun & *revelant they aren't going anywhere.

Finally, I'm sick of people talking like our current games, suck everytime some supposedly "innovative" game comes out. Again I appreciate new experiences or games, features, peripherals, that expand upon what we have, whether I personaly like them or not doesn't mean I'm going to hate on what we have now to promote something different.
GarandShooter  +   2125d ago
'Movies are used as a frame of reference because they are something that the mainstream understands.'

So do you feel that a game like Heavy Rain is going to take gaming further away from the mainstream?
badz149  +   2125d ago
this article is full with STUPID rants!
I really want to know what the writer thinks about movie-tide, movie-based games? he must think most of them are stupid as well!

he's so living under the rock for all these times because he's totally missing the point of the entertainment business at the moment! did he missed the article "MW2 set record for the biggest launch in the entertainment history" thing? video game industry is a niche market no more! it's perfectly normal for any game dev to try to tap the market in between VG and movies like QD is doing with HR because games are already proven to be a great medium of story telling! so, how the hell does it a disservice when it's trying to expand the genre of gaming by itself?? if you're fine with your 'standard' games? FINE, but there are others out there who are more than willing to try some new flavor like HR every once in a while!

stupid writers will try hard to downplay HR as it's a new, yet to be proven game! to the writer, you think you look cool hating on HR, aren't ya? guess what, you're NOT! and I think you're STUPID for not even trying to encourage any advancement in gaming! it's the same with people who are hating on MAG just because MAG offers the unprecedented 256 players! it's ok if you're feeling at home with your standard 5v5, 8v8, 16v16 game but at least give respect to those dev like Zipper which is pushing the envelop with MAG and guess what, MAG has seemless lag compared to much smaller MW2!

if you wanna talk about disservice, blame activision for example; giving rehashed games one after another like GH, CoD and then not beta testing their game thus charging $60 for 600p, 5H campaign and glitch fest online!
nix  +   2125d ago
why did my comment get deleted...

i had put in a nice comment there. educative.
morganfell  +   2125d ago
@1.17, They keep posting this type of garbage because it attacks Sony.

And like many others I am tired of it. No other manufacturer or publisher has anywhere near the dearth of articles as those we see attacking Sony. I wonder how much time certain people spend googling negative Sony articles. No other publisher's games are subject to so many negative connotations nor any hardware manufacturer the point of such inexcusable ridicule.

It would be funny to go back over the last 30 days here and look at Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft and tally the positive and negative articles. And anyone that remarks the number of certain articles on N4G correlates directly to a console's performance is just being naive or else, intentionally blind.

The flood of such articles anytime Sony produces anything clearly marks the state of worry among fanboys of other consoles. Plainly put they are scared and their petty articles prove it. They are jealous and the flood of "Sony is teh doomed" and moronic "disservice" trash write-ups is a clear indicator.

Jim at Destructoid is an idiot of the highest caliber. Ensconced among a small group of societal dregs that find him funny, he spews forth some of the most ill conceived, poorly researched and downright absurd articles in the industry. Most of all I feel bad for PR reps of various manufacturers and publishers that have to tolerate this jackass simply because he has internet access. The sooner Destructoid goes under the better gaming will be.

Remember, it's Destructoid, the National Inquirer of gaming journalism.
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raztad  +   2125d ago
Is Destructoid doing videogames a disservice? FIXED.

I'm not bashing/attacking Destructoid just wondering.
Fanb0y  +   2125d ago
I still think this game is going to bomb.

Can anyone tell me what the latest pre-order numbers were for this game?
morganfell  +   2125d ago
^^^So a game bombs when it's sales are not high? For me, as a gamer, a title bombs when it is unimaginative, buggy, poorly executed, frustrating, etc.

Here's a hint: Gameplay > sales.
Redempteur  +   2125d ago
i'm tired ..
i'm sick of this articles ..

They pass judgement when the game isn't out yet ..AND you don't know that will be the public reaction to it nor how the industry will react ..

What was the point ?
Is it that fun to critic a projet , that isn't even out ?

ANother thing is that i don't understand WHY should heavy rain be inferior to movies ...??
Games already proved that they can be AMAZING narratives experiences when you let them bloom in peace ... but of course you have to explain this to ALL OF YOU that never bought , ICO , FLOWER , SHADOW OF COLOSSUS , OKAMI ...
Games are a medium ... and every medium Can shine it bad that Heavy rain is marketed as a interactive movie when it borrow so much from the movie style ...isn't it interactive ?

WHY the hate ?
baum  +   2125d ago
@Sidar - We're going to miss seeing your heavy rain trophies
From someone that defends the wee like you're link and it's zelda or hyrule because the Wii is unique (?), someone would expect you to not act as ignorantly as you just did. Your attitude only proves everyone that criticized the Wii that they are right; just like HR is nothing but cut-scenes and "no gameplay" as you put it, Wii games are nothing but glorified gamecube ports with waggle. Why make such an irrelevant comment? Just curious.
ChickeyCantor  +   2125d ago

"Your attitude only proves everyone that criticized the Wii that they are right; just like HR is nothing but cut-scenes and "no gameplay" as you put it"

Never said this, i said they have put much effort in graphics and story. But to me the gameplay itself just isnt for me.

"From someone that defends the wee like you're link and it's zelda or hyrule because the Wii is unique (?),"

Nowhere did i mention "unique", this kind of gameplay is NOT FOR ME.

"Why make such an irrelevant comment?"
Why draw such a rageful conclusion?
Angry much?

It wasn't irrelevant, people are being all worked up about this game, i was just stating why i dont like this game.

You are the one with ignorance, sorry to break it to you, but not everyone will love what you love.

"nothing but cut-scenes and "no gameplay" "
This seems to be your description, Ironic isn't it?
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marinelife9  +   2125d ago
Someone is actually complaining that a video game has been so refined that it's level of immersion can be compared to a film?

The game is shooting for reality just like most other video games.

They don't use made up gun names and weapon specs for COD.

They don't use made up car names and driving specs for GT or Forza.

They don't use made up player names and athletic specs for Madden or MLB 10.

What an idiot.
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ABizzel1  +   2125d ago
I completely disagree. Let's be real here. Video games aren't known for having great stories, most games have stories on par with a Saturday morning cartoon rather than a good movie, and Heavy Rain just may be another one of the rare games that have film like quality. The article says it's a disservice to the writers and directors of the games, by comparing the game to movies rather than the best of their genre, but what other game is in Heavy Rain's genre. Not to mention SONY IS ALSO ONE OF THE BIGGEST MOVIE STUDIO IN THE WORLD so the writers for their games are more than likely movie writers as well which is why so many of their exclusives have such great stories.
Dacapn  +   2125d ago
ou know , HR is not for everyone i know it maybe innovation but not all gamers like to sit back for a story driven game with QTEs and multi endi...
This statement pretty much sums up the debate of this game. HR is a new genre, in which there hasn't been a game like this before. The game is simply not for everyone, like any genre could be. Basically some people freak out instead of being able to at least objectively look at a piece of work.
N4Flamers  +   2125d ago
what a monday
I have to wake up and read this, and jim from destructoid has sand in his vagina. I'm sorry I only read about half of that rant before i decided to cut the cord.

The truth of the matter is that most video games in these times dont have an excellent story. I havent seen an article about dantes inferno comparing itself to the classic poem. I havent seen any comparison articles between the two, so why would anyone get offended when a game compares itself to the budget or story of a movie.

I think given the type of game this is it is acceptable and close to necessary to compare it to a movie. I believe the comparison gives the gamer a good feel for what kind of game they are about to play.
wicko  +   2125d ago
Another brilliant article by Destructoid Scribe Jim Sterling, the PS3 hater.

Seriously this guy's articles are always a joke, journalistic integrity be damned I guess.
jmare  +   2125d ago
@ Garand Shooter
It's possible. But the point I was making is that like it or not, film is considered by many in the mainstream to be the ultimate storytelling medium. They are unbelievably wrong, but that's a different argument. If marketed appropriately, Heavy Rain could reach new audiences. But I think it will be praised by fanboys and those with an open mind, but it will not be a huge seller.
creatchee  +   2125d ago
Bungie said: "and some gamers like to just play games for fun"

You know, I hate to agree with him, (actually, I REALLY hate to agree with almost ANY of the known fanboys on either side) but this is one of the best lines from him or anyone else on N4G.

The topics that most people talk about is graphics or stories or technical prowess or sales or number of people online or any number of things about games, but the most important thing about a game is its fun factor. If you're not having fun when you're playing a game, then why on Earth are you playing it in the first place?

Back on-topic - raising the bar or doing something different than the norm is NEVER a disservice to anything unless it is done through dubious methods. Heavy Rain looks like it will be good in the graphics and story department - I'm just hoping that it is fun. That's been my only question about this game from the get go. Reviewers typically don't address fun (except GamePro back in the day when "Fun Factor" rating were actually larger than all of the other components).

I guess I won't know until I pop it in...
facepalm  +   2125d ago
The title should've been:
Is the MARKETING of Heavy Rain doing video games a disservice??
Rockox  +   2125d ago
I agree with this article to the extent that it's wrong that people in the entertainment industry feel the need to somehow "legitimize" videogames by making them into movies, as if making something into a movie is the be all, end all.

I think what it ultimately comes down to in the movie business is brand recognition. It's easier to make a movie out of an existing game franchise with a healthy fanbase than to create a new story for a film. And this just shows how lazy the film industry has become, relying on adaptations, sequels and reboots to make money, rather than coming up with an original idea.
jmd749  +   2125d ago
let me guess, it's a jim article?! go figure...
baum  +   2125d ago
No Sidar, I am not angry, I couldn't care less. I was just wondering if you wanted to be taken seriously (I did say I was curious. Read much?)
Sorry to break it to you, I never implied you should have the same taste as others. I was simply asking how do you pretend to not come out as a hypocrite with your criticism of a game that aims to be unique when all you do is defend a console that supposedly aims to be unique. At least that's the song all the Ninty fanboys keep trunpeting on this site (and some even go as far as claiming that the Wii has more core games than both PS3 and 360 combined, which is downright hilarious).

Anyway, are you dense? I never said that in my opinion HR is comprised solely by cut-scenes, I was simply making fun of what you probably think of this game. Not meant to be taken to heart. Have you even played Indigo Prophecy? That might lend you a bit of credibility.
Kornholic  +   2125d ago
The same Destructoid who reviewed MAG even before its servers were opened? Haha, oh please. Let's wait until the game is actually out. Such an unprofessional site doesn't probably even get a review copy of the game.
Greywulf  +   2125d ago
I don't get it. HR isn't new or innovative or any more risky than.. *drumroll*

Why are all of these morons acting as if this game wasn't made/tested/released before? Its not for everyone, clearly. The hate behind this game is ridiculous. Sure, if it was the first of its kind, feel free to question it, but seeing as how its not, why create the banter?

Destructoid has never touched Quantic Dreams work before, so how the hell do they know?

and just as a lol @ destructoid & Jim...

I didn't see anyone complaining when TIME called Mass Effect 2:

#1.50 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
pixelsword  +   2125d ago
When I see titles like this by sites like that, a song comes to mind...

Avoid the monsters, ladies and gentlemen, and they will eventually go away. People have to realize that poorly titled articles to get hits is a bad form of journalism.

@ greywulf:

you have a point there, and if you think about it, Mass Effect didn't do anything "innovative" from the last time, but this is the crap people do to get hits; and if I don't like it, they get no hits. If they do it a lot, they'll never get hits from me.
#1.51 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2125d ago
"I didn't see anyone complaining when TIME called Mass Effect 2:


That is because, that is a compliment. Comparing yourself to a different medium and saying it is ALMOST as good is putting yourself down.

Imagine a movie claiming it is almost as good as the book! I don't think this is necessarily a hate towards Sony as many on this site believes. I think it just happens to be the title being released and you can't deny the similarity between a movie and this game.

Personally, from what I have seen of this game I would classify it as interactive movie.

Either way, the title of the article is misleading and is intended to draw the ire of the PS3 community. Looks like he was successful!!!
ChickeyCantor  +   2125d ago

Its hilarious how you ask me if im "dense".
"I never said that in my opinion HR is comprised solely by cut-scenes,"
Neither did I, yet you assumed I did. I never said its just a batch of cut-scenes and never thought of that description. Therefor to me its just Ironic.

" was simply asking how do you pretend to not come out as a hypocrite with your criticism of a game that aims to be unique when all you do is defend a console that supposedly aims to be unique"

Another assumption of what I wasn't implying.
I don't care if the game is unique or not, I just find it a pity that so much production value went into this, and still I wont be able to enjoy this.

It sad you are this shortsighted, just because I do not share most views here on N4G, doesn't mean im wii-fanboy.
I also own a PS3 and plan on getting a 360.
Not sure why you had to twist my words, just so you could have your paranoid ways.

You know instead of trying to be a DB, at least try to understand people.
jjohan35  +   2125d ago
In my opinion, Destructoid has always been one of the worst gaming sites this generation. I'd go as far to say that it's worse than HHG, which is why I refuse to click on their links.
Anon1974  +   2125d ago
What the hell happened to Destructoid?
They used to actually report on game news and offer useful insight and now it's like they've made an editorial decision to just churn out poorly researched articles or flat out negative opinion articles just to generate hits. This article is pure crap. What a whiner.

The guy is pissed off because they're comparing videogames to movies and commenting about their script quality. I don't know what world you live in, but generally speaking, videogame scripts AREN'T of the same quality as movies. I love games as much as the next guy, but who are we kidding here? I think it's great the writing has improved over the years, but it's still nowhere near the level, on average that we see in movies. There are a few exceptions to this, but not many. If Heavy Rain's makers want to point out that "Hey. Our story doesn't suck," then more power to them! I played Indigo Prophecy. I can't wait for Heavy Rain because I expect it to have a great story. That's why I'm buying it. By all means, if Heavy Rain has a good story..yell it from the rooftops that Heavy Rain has a great story!
#1.55 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Saaking  +   2125d ago
lmao, and people wonder why Destructoid has zero credibility.
Brixxer600  +   2126d ago
The whole point of comparing this game to a movie is to let everyone know that it's a completely different type of experience , a movie with a good script and dialogue is aimed at making you feel attatched to the characters emotionally , you care about what happens to them , you feel for them , there are very few games that have tried this approach. The developers should praised in their attempts to "Break the Mould" , this is one game i can't wait to play.
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   2125d ago
I agree with ^
The author feels that heavy rain should be comparing itself to other games rather than movies but he forgets that other games often compare themselves to the reality of their genre. Madden compares itself to actual football. Most shooters compare themselves to actual war or gunplay. The author needs to accept that cinematic games are a genre. They Should be promoted as such. I don't know how you'd compare Heavy Rain to any other game anyway, without considering its cinematic style.
jack_burt0n  +   2126d ago
If anything its more of throwback to a classic "Adveture Game" when storytelling came first, when i played it the strongest familiarity to me was Bladerunner on the PC now that is a good thing indeed. But gamers already know that, the people they are trying to make interested with quotes of production value are film noir fans, true crime and murder mystery csi junkies. In an effort for it to be a commercial success they need to do that, without the need for "this game has tits" well not as much anyway.

But its quite obvious the article writer enjoys his Mcdonald's-style gaming.

For me the mistake they have made is not launching it with the motion controller.
Dutch Boogie  +   2126d ago
"For me the mistake they have made is not launching it with the motion controller."

For some reason i think that would completely ruin the game. The fact that they use the ps3's sixaxis is enough. Anything more and it would be interfering with players trying to concentrate on the story. I don't wanna come home from work and stand infront of a tv wobbling my hands like a crazy baboon.
jack_burt0n  +   2125d ago
Dutch there is ALOT of motion controls throughout the game, every1 who tried the demo at e3 was like this game needs the wand badly. I would rather mimic the 1:1 motion of brushing my teeth lol than shaking a sixaxis up and down. Same for opening a door etc would not need to be arms flailing :0)
Karooo  +   2126d ago
I had enough of lame fps's
even mass effect 2 was shooterified.

yawn give me something new.
Trebius  +   2125d ago
Heavy Rain is being hated on by so many...a game that gets this much hate before release is a threat.
This game is incredible ...

Ppl that hate on it really have no basis for the hate, it's just not on their console of choice so they belittle it.

If Heavy Rain were exclusive to the 360, of course the fangirls would be praising it saying how good it is and how M$ is trying something nw.

To hell with you fangirl pusies. You'll never play any of these great upcoming PS3 exclusives, and you've missed out on more than a dozen preview exclusives.

Cry some more.
Shane Kim  +   2126d ago
What's wrong with promoting a game that way? I red the article and I got his point but a game doesn't make 10 dollars to make, It costs 10 million dollars. This is just a more commercial way to reach your audince and pontial new buyers.

I mean we could start bashing MS for putting Halo on everything.
awesomeperson  +   2126d ago
I know right, all the games this gen, or even if they want to sell well, NEED to seem to have a shooter elemnt which is getting very repititive. I'm pretty sick of all the FPS's coming out, which is why this will hopefully be a fresher experience aside from racking up killstreaks...
Kerrby  +   2126d ago
Is Heavy Rain doing videogames a disservice?

More like "Is Destructoid doing a disservice to Video Game Journalism?"

Yes. Yes it is.

Can't wait for their biased review (like always).
peeps  +   2126d ago
hmm all they're really doing is promoting it as being very story driven where u can influence the events. I mean it's valid to compare the script to a movie imo cus well there is a ton lol.

and HR, like IP before it is a very different experience to the majority of games on the market.
Baka-akaB  +   2126d ago
Destructoid not likey ? Me mightily surprised!!!!

more seriously whenever try to "educate" you on what should or should not be considered games , just QTE their face ...

ONE game always comes along once everywhile , and is heavy on the narrative , against hundreds of shooters and action games , and yet they find a way to complain .
If you want the same boring everyday stuff , then guess what you just can !!!

It didnt stop when Xenosaga arrived with long cutscenes , nor when Metal Gear solid 4 came along , nor will it with Heavy Rain . Just accept that it's not your thing , stay away from it and move on .

They know very well why in their marketing snippets , Quantic dram try to moves away from the game label and more toward movie level experience ...
Why ? Because places like toid would rip it apart as usual for not having enough "gameplay" .

And the epithome of hypocrisy is this often coming from guys who wouldnt have issues about Action games featuring so much QTE (wich i do) .
I personally dont see why i should always do the hard fighting work , and instead of having the pleasure of severing a head myself in after a fighting game , it's all taking care of for me automatically in a finishing cutscenes , or they only tell me "press Square bubba!! we'll take it from there!"

They accept it for games that shouldnt feature it , and yep comes complaining for adventure games based on atmosphere , a story and a setting ...
Get your priority and facts straights ...
#9 (Edited 2126d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Omega4  +   2126d ago
The game is niche some will like it but most wont due to the fact its hard to see where the gameplay is. Games arent suppose to be movies they are suppose to be games.
Baka-akaB  +   2126d ago
of course , and when like minded game like Alan Wake will appear it will be a true game right ?

Wich imo it will be of course , just like HR ... i'm just pointing out your obvious preference and bias here .
#10.1 (Edited 2126d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Doc Sony  +   2125d ago are supposed to entertain you nitwit.

Its the only form of entertainment that can break away from traditions and morph into so many different things.

Why are you so shortsighted ?
bunfighterii  +   2125d ago
true, I saw an article on N4G a few days back saying 'Alan Wake' will blur the line between games and TV- from the people who made Alan Wake. Yet is it doing a disservice to gaming? Hardly.

Games like Alan Wake and Heavy Rain (I haven't played them but from what I've read) I think will show those who dismiss gaming as child's play that it can be a serious art form, the way TV shows and Hollywood movies are perceived to be.
Omega4  +   2125d ago
How can you say Alan Wake is like a movie, yes it will have an great storyline and innovative story telling techniques but its still a GAME. Since you can run around an environment without restrictions, there are AI characters for which the player has to defeat/interact with and you can obviously win/lose the game. These are basic videogame conventions and if it doesnt have the majority of them then its not really a videogame.
#10.4 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Doc Sony  +   2125d ago
I grow tired of you nonsense Omega. So thats all you ever want a game to be, run around, point and shoot.

WTF man, there's hundreds of games like that out already.

I think you're just a fanboy and want to see this game fail.

And Remedy themselves claimed it would 'blur the line' between games and movies.
Baka-akaB  +   2125d ago
Oh drop the act , Alan Wake isnt setting itself up to be the new quake or gears of war .
It will have basically assisted and limited action gameplay phase .. wich isnt at all better and more gameplay based that what most adventure games and heavy rain proposes . And basically the same conventions and drive . They mostly diverge in the methods .

Again i do think AW will be great , i'd only get mad at that in a full blown action or shooter game .
I bring it up because your bias truly shows , it does on a regular basis anyway , and you'd be trashing Alan Wake and praising HR , if their respective consoles were inversed .

Next thing you know you'll be telling us that Remedy dont know their own game and just PR crap , when they basically use the same arguments and logic than Quantic Dream .

done wasting bubbles anyway


oh so the police chase scene and the others vids so far , requires the competing skills of a quake or halo and is an actual and proper action game because you can move around with a flashlight eh?

And still can't drop the QTE part eh ? I wonder if i wont find somewhere praises about Ninja Blade back in the day .

"just because I can see HR for what it really is doesnt make me bias"

Yep and it's only coincidence that you only see beauty on 360 and mehness on ps3 .
You know what you win , as always .
#10.6 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Omega4  +   2125d ago
@Doc Sony
What are you talking about "point and shoot"!? I didnt mention shooting at all. All those thing are in basically every GAME genre, whether it be shooter, racing, fighting, sports, rpg etc but not in HR. There isnt even any AI since all the paths are predetermined, and you cant win/lose because the game will just keep going.

"It will have basically assisted and limited action gameplay phase"
Whats that supposing to mean, you trying to say the shooting elements of the game are assisted and like QTE? You need to watch some Alan Wake GAMEPLAY videos.
And just because I can see HR for what it really is doesnt make me bias.
GarandShooter  +   2125d ago
@ Omega4

Is Tetris a videogame? It doesn't have any of those things you mentioned except for win/lose, so by your definition, it's not a game.

You DON'T see Heavy Rain for what it is, and your bias is clear. In HR the definition of win/lose has changed. If you die, you lose because you cannot take that character to the completion of their chapter. In fact, I could say there is less of a win/lose in AW. You don't really lose, you just try over and over until you get it right, without permanent penalty.
bjornbear  +   2125d ago
"A game consists of a set of players, a set of moves (or strategies) available to those players, and a specification of payoffs for each combination of strategies."

that is a definition of a game according to Game Theory.

so, according to Game Theory, the "science" of games in general (physical and digital alike), Heavy Rain is as much a game as Halo or Super Mario Bro's.

Its just different. But we all know how the laymen reacts to change right? =P
Ravage27  +   2125d ago
omega is clearly one of those people i was referring to in my first comment
Heavy Rain is as much a game as MGS4. That's because you can INTERACT with the environment and AFFECT the outcome of the story. Does movies allow you to do that? Does Avatar allow you to control Colonel Miles and wipe out the Na'vi?

And btw, who are you to define what a game should or shouldn't do?
morganfell  +   2125d ago
And add on mission packs are supposed to be add on mission packs. They shouldn't be given a multimillion dollar marketing campaign to convince the public it is a full game when it isn't.

And yes, MGS4 as the best title ever made is a great marker for which to aim.
#10.11 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mastiffchild  +   2125d ago
Christ Omega! Way to make yourself look even more of an MS dolly. If HR was 360 exclusive you'd be all over it as the best, bravest game EVAAAR! Even the most rabid, zealous fanboys have moments of clarity, honesty or fairness but you seem to have given up on it. Even if you had a fair point(and I agree that HR will prolly remain niche-but if it takes gaming in a more varied direction and opens the way for further investigation of areas without conventional gaming mores is that anything but a GREAT thing?)people just got so used to you trolling every single PS exclusive's threads that they just wouldn't notice.

Fact is I'm looking forward to AW AND HR almost equally. HR is certainly something a little fresher and I'm also sad that AW might not be quite what we were promised when it was one of the games that cajoled me into buying a launch 360(seriously, what were they doing telling us we'd see that game near launch?)but there's enough there to make pretty much anyone interested and the same should be true of HR which, if anything, is the mmore courageous game of the two and pushed gaming in more hitherto only glimpsed gaming directions.

If you want all your games to be the same thing year in and year out then fine but don't moan because some gamers aren't as closed minded as yourself about what they "play" on their consoles-unless, of course you'd actually quite like to play HR but can't ,for some reason, bring yourself to do it? Plus, if you detest it and Sony so much why even comment?
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   2126d ago
Im tired of Destructoid articles..
Its like their articles get written and published just for 'the hell of it' ...In my mind I have a box of opinions labeled 'useless' ,its not for my opinions,oh no,its for others and the bs they believe is true.thats where Surfergirl (who is prolly a guy ),Skaterboy (whose prolly a big loser playing Tony Hawks:Ride about now) and HHG opinions get tossed in to.Destructoids is there to.
HurstDarkStar  +   2126d ago
i can kinda agree with the article
its kinda dissatisfying when i see a game developer use movies as a higher standard of story when many other writers truly believe a video game story can be in the same league.not saying thats HR message but to use another entertainment medium to set your work on your games is almost like saying all other writters in the game industry haven't done anything -_-
Baka-akaB  +   2126d ago
i see it more as playing to their own marketing strength rather than calling other games crap .

Lately whenever a game try to be heavy on the story and/or adventure game of the pc kind , it just get ripped apart .
Just go back to the very first article on HR and you'll see the usual "meh it's just QTE" crap .
So why bother ? You just try to peg it as interactive movie .

The so called "gamers" already have made their minds , so why bother ?
They'd rather lap up holywood styled COd solo experience , because in it barrels and cars explodes!!
#12.1 (Edited 2126d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Oztheboss  +   2125d ago
Do we really have to justify the ill-informed ramblings of a fat twat? I believe that Heavy Rain will at least take a step towards good Hollywood writing, along with Alan Wake.

Jim, get the feck off the Internet.
Ultraplayerxd  +   2125d ago
this is a hit or miss game. some will like it and some wont but its not going to be a disservice to games. from what I've seen and read this game takes storytelling to another level while giving players a movie like presentation, how can that be a bad thing? at least its trying to do something different so don't bash it because of that.
Madeline12  +   2125d ago
Yes games should never break the mold, forever playing FPS/hack-slash/action oriented that's our future.God forbid someone try for a cinematic/emotion/story driven experience.
yay !!!


Sorry, sure FPS and other more "common" genres are valid but so are new innovative ones.
holdmedownma2008  +   2125d ago
He made some good points. However, what is the big deal with developers thinking outside the box?
Redempteur  +   2125d ago
Not a problem at all ..thinking outside of the box lead to change , to innovation .. MOst revolutions in the history of mankind started because some people started thinking outside of the box ...

I really don't see the problem ..unless you want to play the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN
mastiffchild  +   2125d ago
Thing is, people already DO play the same things over and over. Witness games(some of which i even buy myself)that basically release annually yet proclaim themselves as "premium" titles(eh, Acti?)like MW2 which is basically the third time we've played that particular game with different skins and weapons(what was it's biggest difference from last time out? Oh yeah, taking online PC gaming backwards! Good job IW!), like the sports games we buy every year because of roster/squad changes and little else, the million FPS that come out and flood the market every year and then we have people wanting remakes of classic games ALL the time(FF7,Ico, SotC and so on)along with those already getting remade for DS/PSP(a million jrpgs)rereleased on PSN or XBLA or even HD versions on disc like GOW collection.

And this week which are the two games getting the most stick? Oh yes, two games trying to push the boundaries a little in MAG and HR. Nopw, I'm not happy to say it's a media/Sony thing but will say t's certainly a lazy media that doesn't welcome innovation in their world when they constantly hammer games for being "gfeneric" week in, week out.

HR markets itself in the "filmic" terms that it does because it needs to convey to people who know little about it what the parallels are withimn entertainment as there's no ,massive games to compare it to at all, no? How the hell else were they to market it? "Erm, it's like a game and a bit like a movie where you actually make the choices or your actions affect the way th story heads and stuff and it, erm, looks dead real and that, innit?" Honestly, I've read some luddite tosh within the gaming industry but Sterling and D'toid take some beating.
Typical-Guy  +   2125d ago
I didn't hear them complaining about Fahrenheit, oh yeah right that game was Multiplat. IDIOTS.
Got2bemad2behere  +   2125d ago
Why does anyone take this guy seriously. He's an attention whore. The AC2 review, talking smack about Final Fantasy and now this. The Final Fantasy article never hitted n4g for some reason.
Tompkins  +   2125d ago
Anal and one dimensional article. There's nothing wrong with comparing video game quality to movies, and there's certainly nothing wrong with developers using the movie medium as a benchmark when it comes to cinematic direction.

Heavy Rain, aims to bridge the gap between movies and video games, or at least provide the player an entertaining cinematic experience that is similar to a movie. Why is this a disservice? perhaps if they touted the game as a shooter, when in fact the game is nothing like one, it would then be a disservice, or false advertising.

Movies are held in high esteem in the public eye, so why is it wrong or bad for game developers to strive to be like them, to capture the public perception.

The article is a disservice to the people who sent Destructoid the game in good faith, and the hard work the team have invested to make a game that isn't the same old stuff we've seen in countless other titles.
ChickeyCantor  +   2125d ago
My biggest problem with this game is that...Well while they try to put so much effort in story and gfx. The gameplay doesn't seem to be exciting at all.

Now now calm down fanboys, their production value is great, its just not a game for me.
Baka-akaB  +   2125d ago
And why would it be less of a game than the usual point and click procedural pc adventure games like Monkey island , Gabriel Knight , or the longest journey ?

Now obviously it's fine if you dont like that kind of games too . And it's not even the same gameplay , but the spirit is most likely there
#20.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GarandShooter  +   2125d ago
Gameplay needs to be enjoyable and fun, not necessarily exciting. Flower for instance, is an example of relaxed enjoyable game play. I do however understand if your enjoyment comes from adrenaline style gameplay.

Having said that, if this is anything like Indigo Prophecy, it certainly had exciting moments. The train escape sequence comes to mind, and it very well may be that the actual story is what generates excitement for gamers playing the game.
ChickeyCantor  +   2125d ago
"And why would it be less of a game than the usual point and click procedural pc adventure games like Monkey island , Gabriel Knight , or the longest journey ?"

Thats my whole problem with this production...xD

"Gameplay needs to be enjoyable and fun, not necessarily exciting. "
Ok let me rephrase that, the gameplay looks DULL.
If you enjoy it, good for you...its just a not a game for me.
#20.3 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Redempteur  +   2125d ago
Well it's not a game for you ... you realise that .. you probably won't play it ..

OK let's end this here then .. so i'll play this game because it suit my tastes and you won't ..

What game of the same genre doesn't look dull ? just asking ...
#20.4 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ChickeyCantor  +   2125d ago
You like a certain gameplay, therefore more of the same would be something to be more excited about.
This game however doesn't really do anything for me.

I love how people get so ticked off by this xD.
rulkezx  +   2125d ago
Look how many of you moronic fanboys set-up straw men instead of replying to the points the writer of the article made.

He is in no way bashing Heavy Rain as a game, he is instead bashing the idiot Cage and his PR team that are doing their best to call his anything but a game.

Cage and QD , in striving to have this compared to movies rather than games, is implying that gaming , as a medium , is neither mature or evolved enough for his product to be categorised thus. He in inferring that gamers want to play movies , not games, and that devolpers should be striving to be more like Hollywood film studios than software development houses.

By all accounts Heavy Rain is a day 1 purchase , and a remarkable piece of gaming , which goes against everything Cage wants this to be.

This site would be so much better if some of you idiots spent more time educating yourselves instead of taking part in some retarded format war.
Baka-akaB  +   2125d ago
And you dont get some points here and as usual expressed by Cage or many others .

dtoid and many outlet are actually the ones starting "the movies are better" trend .
How ? With pompous "gaming writing and storytelling isnt movie level yet" and other column crap . Just like with that Pratchett article .

They arbitrary decides that videogames writing isnt good enough , and then procedes to complain about using marketing oriented toward the same misconception ?

QD already went the it's just a game way with farenheit , it didnt go far , despite it's obvious qualities . Of course they should play the movie angle . "Hardcore gamers" are already calling it crap based on the type of gameplay alone , or the usual console war hostage situation
#21.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
silvacrest  +   2125d ago
heavy rain is a genre in its self and the evolution of gaming

people should accept it for what it is, dont try and compare it to anything, just immerse your self in the experience
Captain Tuttle  +   2125d ago
Why are PS3 fans so BITTER? Jeez people, lighten up.

Unless you're all viral marketers paid by Sony to push product. That's OK then, you're just trying to make a living. I have a feeling though that most of you are doing this for free.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2125d ago
People have been saying over the past two years that Heavy Rain is "stupid" because it's just a bunch of QTE's. To those of us who know better, it's getting kind of ridiculous.
bjornbear  +   2125d ago
yet when there's an article opposing anything 360 only (not that the article opposes heavy rain)
you see a lot of bitter people there that right now are playing "the pragmatic neutral" type =/
#23.2 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rob6021  +   2125d ago
I agree with you 100% - try saying you didn't like ME2 or Bayonetta. It's funny enough to me when someone's delusional enough to not realize their own console's fans do the same thing.

Console's X's fans are worse than Console Y's fans...yea we've heard that one before it's the stupidest argument you can make here.
rkimoto  +   2125d ago
Let me rephrase that so that it makes more sense...
... and applies to most of the comments throughout N4G:

"Why are 360/PS3/Wii fans so BITTER? Jeez people, lighten up.

Unless you're all viral marketers paid by Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony to push their products. That's OK then, you're just trying to make a living. I have a feeling though that most of you are doing this for free."

There, now you can copy/paste it to all forums in this site.

Now back on topic, the main problem with this "article" is because the site tends to give sensationalist titles to their reports to get more hits. Regardless of what the article says, the choices that they make to title their articles IS what's giving a disservice to gaming.

I guess it's the maturity of the industry in general what's giving it a bad rap. Whenever reputable information sources start giving unbiased and impartial reviews/comments/articles, that's when the industry is going to be taken seriously and given the place it deserves, along other entertainment industries.

I really hope it happens soon, so that idiots like Jack Thompson go away.
ballsofsteel  +   2125d ago
i see his point about heavy rain being marketed as a movie in game form rather than just a game but i just see that as marketing. hardcore gamers like us are interested in this game but the mainstream gamer has no idea what heavy rain is about so when the read the back cover and see "film quality narrative" that automatically makes their mind go to a high standard of story telling. the average gamers isn't really all that smart hell most of the people you talk to still think video games are just for kids. in order for this game to sell heavy rain is going to have to appeal to the casuals and the best way to do that is give them something to compare the quality of heavy rain to.
ninjagoat  +   2125d ago
Destructoid can go suck my TOE i mean the ingrown toe nail one the one with the infection and the ooze of puss. Yeah that toe suck it you idiots.
Hidden Star  +   2125d ago
I respectfully disagree with Destructoid. Heavy Rain and Quantic Dream are trying some different. It's not doing disservice to the industry, it's actually making it better.

Take some risks or do you wish to keep playing FPS COD Re-hash number 12 for the rest of your life?
Rowsdower  +   2125d ago
did anyone read the article
its more a call to arms than it is a condemnation of heavy rain or its dev. He is basically saying that you dont compare a dali painting to a Hitchcock film. Video Games are their own distinct genre and this desire to be as "good" as film is very reminiscent of the desire during the early years of film to be as "good" as the theater. It is an uncessary desire because all it does is force one medium to adhere to the rules and cliches of another more well established medium. Just like movies can do things that plays cant, and photographs can do things that paintings cant, video games can do things that all those mediums cant, yet we insist on forcing it into their conventions. I agree with the authors sentiment too bad people who would rather play with each others wieners come in and ruin what might be an interesting and thought provoking discussion. The article is not about the Heavy Rain itself which looks amazing, it about breaking away from the past, which ironically is exactly what Heavy Rain is all about.

This is exactly the kinds of articles and conversations that N4G should be having.
#27 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ravage27  +   2125d ago
no i still disagree with him
The statements in the promo material are in no way degrading the videogame medium - their sole purpose is (obviously) to PROMOTE the game's story-telling abilities which QD have every right to be proud of.

Those descriptions are evidently chosen to differentiate Heavy Rain from other games (like maybe KZ2 or Gears?) by stressing the fact that it has a more mature setting(emotional deaths,sacrifices,etc) and more thought-provoking dialogues. Clearly, there is a larger focus on the plot development compared to other games and QD are just trying to draw people's attention to that fact.

Jim is imo,just overreacting. QD did not 'betray' their gaming roots, you are essentially still controlling the fate of the videogame characters and your choice of action will CHANGE the outcome. There's still a degree of interactivity, and therefore still a game. No one is going to think of HR as a film when it's over. In fact it may convince movie enthusiast that with the right budget and amount of care,the gaming medium is just as capable of inciting emotional responses from them as movies.
#27.1 (Edited 2125d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Rowsdower  +   2125d ago
ah a respectful thought provoking reply
i see what your getting at and thank you for disagreeing with me in adult way.
MartyMcFly88  +   2125d ago
Is Heavy Rain Doing Video Games Proud?
I disagree completely with this article! It actually prompted me to write my own contrasting article on my site (AMO), so if anyone fancies a read, here it is:

truegame  +   2125d ago
Good read
Good Read. We should read both yours a Destructoid fully.
LiquifiedArt  +   2125d ago
This article is abit misperceived
The biggest problems with "videogames" is the lack of compelling story that has or (can) be told through it as a medium. That is why you have someone like David Cage, trying something new, because he HAS a story and WANTS to tell it, but he also wants you to feel a part of it, not just an observer.

So i do disagree completely with this article. There will always be your shooting, driving, racing games. I think anyone who doesn't see it, needs to open their eyes a little and "Grow up".

(i'm speaking to the 21+ crowd)
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2125d ago
It's marketing, people.

That's all.

The marketing team knows that people want a Hollywood-quality video game.
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