SFX-360: MLB 10: The Show

SFX-360 writes: "SCEA San Diego's MLB: The Show is one of the very few if not the only sports game in the market only exclusive to one system, the Playstation 3. I honestly can't blame Sony for keeping the rights exclusive and it is a smart move on their part as MLB: The Show has been the king of the diamond for the last few years. SCEA San Diego has done a fine job in creating a solid and consistent baseball game over the last few years. With modes like Road to the Show, beautiful presentation styles, and solid gameplay; MLB 10: The Show has a lot to prove if it wants to keep its crown in March."

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lukeb4dunk3122d ago

I'm sorry, but the The Show has been THE best baseball game (dare I say, sim?) on the market for many years now. From what I have seen so far for this years games, I haven't seen anything from 2k that will change my opinion.

Mamajuana3122d ago

The Show franchise is one of the reasons I went with the PS3; I'm a huge baseball fan and The Show is as good as it gets. Road to The Show is outstanding; I'm surprised The Show 09 didn't get nominated for sports game of the year. Oh well, this years game looks great I can't wait.