Gamalive reviews Heavy Rain : "a never forget game"

"Some will not try it and just say : blah, this is a QTE, I'm not interested. (it's actually so much than that). If it gives them pleasure so they will miss an incredible strong experience who will you take the guts. So strong, so powerful, so...

Heavy Rain is one of those games that once finished, leave an indelible mark in the hearts of gamers. The kind of game that, once the controller asked, thinking. A real game mature shows that the video game, not a bunch of big guys full of testosterone that kills aliens or a mustached plumber. Thank you, David Cage. Thank you to the team of Quantic Dream. And pity those who completely miss this unique title.

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snaz273209d ago

i was excited about it anyway, when i first heard about heavy rain but i never exspected these reviews! i thought it would devide the gaming world more, ie some loving it, some hating it... but so far its pretty unanimous, this game i an AAA hit! not long now and i can experience it too! whoop whoop!

GreenRingOfLife3209d ago

This game is gonnna be awesome. I thnk my favorite part of it is talking to someone by pressing either square, x, triangle, or circle.

Bungie3209d ago

day 1 buy

the game looks fantastic

FamilyGuy3209d ago

Yeah, I thought we'd be seeing a lot of mixed reviews for this one, love or hate, but they have all been positive so far. Good job Quantic Dream, you're appealing to more than just the Fahrenheit crowd now, either that or the gaming media has matured/evolved...

nix3209d ago

ha ha.. i know who... q:

great review. now that i have finished Demon's Souls, i'm ready for it. though i don't know what to do with 300,000 souls that i got. i tried to level up but one has to finish 1-1 to be able to do that. i tried but the black phantom invaded me. must play it offline and level up and then wait for this game.

Dutch Boogie3209d ago

And the trend continues. PS3 games innovating and owning at the same time. Heavy Rain could very well be the most memorable video game story ever told and GOTY2010. I just can't wait dammit.

ZootHornRollo3209d ago

why is every one screaming and yelling over a movie with QTE's??
this is a joke if you ask me and the more people ranting and raving only proves they dont want to play games but to watch and wait for there next QTE.

sad day when a movie with QTE's is held high. this is worst that masseffect 2 this is sad. pure saddness.

i really hope people are trolling this game. but if there not it only proves you know NOTHING about games and gaming.

thereapersson3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

It's nice to know someone actually understands what Quantic Dream is trying to achieve with this title. They are trying to leave an indelible mark on the gaming industry, and those who can appreciate this for what it truly is will agree.

Attn haters: Continue hating on the fact that there's QTE in this game, and continue ignoring the fact that this game has more of a cohesive, well-written story than almost any game released this generation. Meanwhile, the people who enjoy gaming for the pure sake of enjoyment will be playing this title and will thank themselves for dedicating the time in their lives to experience something that only comes around once in a blue moon.

Kudos to Sony for supporting Quantic, and kudos to Quantic themselves for continuing to push forward in a market full of stale ideas and bland stereotypes.


And just as I finish typing this post, ZootHorn comes along and proves my point to a "T". Thanks, mate! :)

edit 2:

Your disagrees are delicious! Continue proving my point because you can't provide a positive argument of your own :)

nix3209d ago

ah... do i hear a GOTY contender already?

anyway looks like all those strong GOTY contenders are going to be from Sony again.


ZootHornRollo3209d ago

im not your mate buddy

your not a gamer. your a person that sits on there comp all day trolling forums.

good job for maknig a movie with QTE's this doesnt help any one.

this well only ruin games to come. people well read all the bs and be like well lets make more QTE's i had enough of them back in 1997. its not to make games that blow your EFFING mind away not make you watch a crappy movie shaving your face and drinking oj.

you all have been trolled in to this bs.

there other games sucked as with this one. and you have no taste if you think this game is good or enjoy games like this.

you have no taste at all

thereapersson3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Assumptions AND personal attacks?

Yes, because the time between my comments is nearly a day apart, I sit on the computer all day and troll N4G. Riiiight....

Who's trolling who again, considering you seem to hate this type of game, and yet here you are trying your hardest to make your point known?

Sounds like someone's a little frustrated :)

GamerPS3603209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

diff people with different taste. I have almost same feel of this game as you but I am not going to say that they have bad taste in gaming because they like something different than what I like.

Beside, reviews are just an opinion. Gimme Halo3 and I will rate it 2. Gimme Mass Effect 2 and I will rate it 10.

Guido3209d ago

You can't play this game on the PC... That's what I love about Sony, they score the best exclusives and they make them for the PS3 alone. It's a reason for being happy about the PS3 reliability and how they utilize the power of the console. Rather than having to deal with a PC port, they make the game for the PS3 alone and make it awesome and not so cookie cutter like.

sikbeta3209d ago


I Knew this game will be Amazing just from the Begining, if you read all the interviews about the man, you see How Much Effort he Put in This Game, my only concern was that QD was going to make a Crazy-Plot ruining the Game like with Indigo/Fahrenheit (IMO), but NO, they make sure to DO a GREAT JOB


boodybandit3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

How could you tell what he sounded like?
I feel like I lost IQ points having read his (ZootHornRollo's) post.
He reminds me of a real life Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies.

On Topic:
HR looks amazing and I cant wait to "experience" it. Games like this is exactly what the industry needs.

bjornbear3209d ago

what? You hope people TROLL this game? =P fear much?

and this will RUIN gaming? Yet the countless brainless shooters won't?

Have you ever heard of Myst? Abe's Oddity?

Some of the most iconic games in the world, and FAR less engaging than Heavy Rain (or AS engaging)

You know NOTHING of what you say, and as a gamer that enjoys all sorts of games, You to me are not =/

then again I agree, spending your day on N4G can be sad....(looks at himself xD)

lowcarb3209d ago

I'm sure the game will be decent but so far these reviews seem kind of iffy! Sony and it's fans could be setting up the media to not give honest opinions by being singled out. People should wait for real reviews before falling for this said type of review nonsense.

N4Flamers3209d ago

Ive had this game on reserve since last year, and im doing the four day challenge online. I personally love when they take mature subject matter and treat it that way.

I know I will love this game my favorite part of this game will be that I dont have 12 year olds screaming in my ear every time I play.

Im glad this is getting good reviews and I cant wait to get my hands on it.

nycredude3209d ago


So it's ok to talk to someone by pressing a button in Mass Effect but it's not ok to do in a game because its only on Ps3 right?!

jack_burt0n3209d ago

zoot ur trolling ppl that use N4G does that include MGSRthehdversion LOL

SPACEBALL 13209d ago

the originallity of this game is through the roof. cant wait to play this game.

f7897903209d ago

Yeah I was expecting mainly 8/10. Good news!

Rockox3209d ago

This game makes me jealous I don't own a PS3.

I hope David Cage and the rest of the Quantic Dream team receive critial AND financial success with this game. It looks as though they've earned it.

Killjoy30003209d ago

I find it funny how these 360 fanboys now have nothing left to do but clamor to Sony news in a poor attempt to use reverse psychology and sarcasm. I bet if the N4G community starting agreeing with his comments all the time he may go back to the troll of his former self. Now that would be funny. The moral shift of a troll is always entertaining. Just look at Giant Enemy Crab. He is so impartial, it's impossible for him to not inspire some kind of chuckle.

pixelsword3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

but that's very simlar to... Mass Effect 1 and 2, except you get to push it faster! And push up or down before you push your button!!! Wow, big difference.

Don't forget, some of us own multiple consoles.

DatNJDom813209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Its cool if you haters dont like this game. But why do you have to go around trolling in every PS3 article there is. Sony exclusives have been sh!tting all over 360 lately. I only turned on my 360 for Mass Effect 2 and wont turn it on again till SCC. To be honest, Mass Effect wasnt that great either. Maybe when it comes to PS3, itll have more content and I can replay it again (Bioshock). SO in conclusion, Heavy Rain, along with most PS3 exclusives, SH!T on most of what the 360 has. Let me give you a minute to digest that.......................... .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .....................

Heres some kibbles and bits to help digest the "disappointment".

Dtoxz3208d ago

Because God of War 3 comes out NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!

That will be GOTY.

Heavy Rain will just be an awesome game :)

vhero3208d ago

The modern day Myst not only in feeling but now in ratings too.

Lemmiwinks3208d ago

role playing games have the same thing and no one complains even fallout 3 you pressed buttons to talk to people..dragon age watched my friend play that there was alot of pressin one button to talk to people.qte actually makes aa gamer get into the game more cuz you dont know what your gunna press so it gets intense. and you feel like ur actually doing it. cuz in real life the time to dodge someone with a bat is a press of a button. like when ur playin gow games and they mix the buttons up on u lol......say im biased cuz im not even tho i only on a ps3 and a gaming rig im interested in alan wake and splinter cell. ill admit when a game looks cool and if i choose too ill be playing the supior version of your so called exclusives hah

on topic really awesome review

redsquad3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

The petulance of that supposedly 'witty' remark proves that HEAVY RAIN goes way over your head. Back to shooters for you, sunshine!

And that 'Zoot' person pretending to be an authority on gaming doesn't even warrant a dignified response.

ikkeweer3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

But it better not be one of those hype-games like GTA4 again, still at 4 percent on that (I know I never gave it fair chance, the phone-calls just bugged the hell outta me)

I watched the first nine minutes (which turned me off) and I don't wan't to watch the videos further in the game (I hate deja-vu in games). So I'll buy it and blame the reviewers if I don't like it.
Don't get me wrong, I love games and I love movies, but the peanut-butter jelly thing has gotten me all skeptic on this game.

Red Panda3208d ago

I also can't wait for this game to be released. Its nice to look forward to something other than a shooter. I do enjoy shooters and cant wait for BFBC2 but I think most of you know what I mean. These types of games are a delicate and rare gem. I shall take this gem and play the crap out of it!

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CernaML3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Wow. Nothing but great reviews so far. GOTY contender?

NeoBasch3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

For most it will be. At least, once they play the game that is. I can't believe people are doubting Heavy Rain's potential. There will be dozens upon dozens of perfect scores for Heavy Rain, just as there was for Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2 before it. All three are treading new ground and should be regarded as such. This is what the industry needs, and what gamers have been asking for since the first text adventures. Congratulations, Quantic Dream, you deserve it!

Preorder should be payed off in full soon enough. Just wish the US of A would be able to get the Collector's Edition too (and all other territories that are missing out). :(

On another note, February looks to be raping my wallet. Dante's Inferno, BioShock 2 (CE), White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, and Heavy Rain. O_O March doesn't seem to be letting up either.

ElementX3209d ago

I want some reputable reviews, not French sites I've never heard of with shoddy google translations. I have it preordered and I don't doubt it's amazing, but I'd like some reviews from bigger sites.

snaz273209d ago

is any one persons opinion more important or more valid than anothers? if anything these smaller sites have more reason to release a low contriversal score.. the guy loved the game, as have all the other reviews so far. dont worry your preorder is justified lol, but say a guy at ign says its pants, does that make it so? its just one guys opinion.

Doc Sony3209d ago

I never get this statement does IGN plays games differently than other websites ?

An experience is an experience no matter who plays it.

So if one guy from IGN thinks it sucks or its not his type of game, you'll cancel your pre-order ?

jack_burt0n3209d ago

its a french game expect its biggest market to be france and europe and tbh expect the lower brow US reviews to be the ones that dont 'get it' then u can be happily surprised if they do.

Imalwaysright3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

All reviewers are nothing more than journalists with an opinion. Some of you people act like they are some kind of experts in video games wich honestly baffles me!

Pistolero3209d ago

No but these lesser sites are more prone to being run by fanboys....I don't doubt the game will be pretty good...but I agree with the guy above that I want to see reviews from sites that I have an idea about how they review games and what their history is.

thereapersson3209d ago

What's to stop bigger sites from being run by fanboys as well? I'm sure that IGN, Gamespot and (especially) Gametrailers all have their preferences between reviewers. It's common knowledge in this day and age of modern gaming and console alliances fueled by fanboyism and advertising revenue...

Jsynn73209d ago

I'm sure that, when Alan Wake and Halo: Reach come out and this site gives them 10's, you won't care whether this site is "reputable" or not. You'll still call it a win.

Nice try though.

bjornbear3209d ago

like gametrailers? LOL

just because a site is big doesn't make the review any more or less credible.

baum3209d ago Show
NeoBasch3209d ago

Of course they would be the first to review the game. SCEE has been marketing HR heavily in the region. At least in terms of media awareness. I'm guessing they're hoping word of mouth will help sell this title. Probably the best way considering the new grounds they're trying to cover. European sites and print magazines will be the first to review it. For everyone else, I'm sure there's an embargo of some sort.

ElementX3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

@ 3.7, I don't even own a 360. I sold mine a year and a half ago

@ 3.9 Yes I've brought up my orientation in other conversations but this has nothing to do with it. My last comment about my orientation was that article about the most beautiful thing in Heavy Rain and I was completely sh!tfaced and surly. I'm sober now and you don't have to bring it up.

As for people disagreeing, I prefer sites I've actually heard of for reviews. If you don't like it, it's fine with me.

baum3209d ago

I do not have a problem with you saying it's a no name site, I have a problem with the fact that you mention that they are french; is that relevant? That's like people sayin you're dumb because you're gay. I simply said I expected more from a gay guy. Also, france is very liberal towards gay people so it's even more surprising. So either you're a gay bigot or you don't think before you post.

And mods are morons, I don't see how I was offensive considering I used an adequate term to describe someone's sexual preferences

ElementX3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Let me rephrase what I said originally. I'd rather read reviews from well known English speaking sites than "foreign" sites with shoddy google translations. I don't read French, German (well, a little), Spanish, whatever. Google translator does a horrible job of translating. Sure it's fine for a piece of software, but quite a bit is lost in translation, especially some complex words which can be used in gaming reviews. I prefer big name news sites in English, so nothing is lost, you understand exactly what the reviewer is trying to say.

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Man In Black3209d ago

Loved Fahrenheit before it went all Matrix on me. So I can't wait for this, especially as it won't have those stupid moments.