PS3 Engineers on Firmware Future

PS3 software engineers, SCE chief technology officer Kawanishi and AV manager Kanehide, have been discussing the future of firmware updates. The duo feel there's still room to upscale visual and audio quality by 30 to 40 percent and can foresee a fanless PS3.

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jerrell4115d ago

I don't care what anyone says about the price of this badboy, cause I have one, but for what the capabilities of this console can do and will do in the future, is just simply amazing! I have Blu-Ray and the Cell processor that is new technology that is being exploited everyday. I can't wait to get a Reciever that has HMDI 1.3 Capability. I know Onkyo has just came out with one, so I will be picking up one soon.

boi4115d ago

trust me things will pick up reli soon and everyone who likes new powerful technology will want 1 and gamers too :) or to just show off with it...Sony knows what they are doing!

THE_JUDGE4115d ago

love the updates. I wouldn't mind if they had more. The more stuff the better. What can you complain about??? I time it takes to download and install? Psh, well worth it!

Mycococo4115d ago

what comes to mind is the interview where hte guy said that all of what xbox 360 has is in sight. then this saying they want to do stuff people havent even thought about. that rumored firmware update with custamizable backgrounds and other such things not found on the x360 support this. before this holiday season i think we will see a HUGE firmware. maybe at e3 some things will be shown or even made avalable shortly after. time will tell.

Kleptic4114d ago

Kotaku had an article over a month ago (still can't dig it up, it may have been debunked and dropped) about the rumored "firmware 2.0" stuff...and that the list could be bigger than what was rumored...With Wake On LAN support, a small theme builder application (a little program to set your own icons/order/visual styel) and xmb in game support...

the xmb in games seems to be the closest thing to complete...and that would solve a lot my annoyances with finding friends during gameplay...I am not even concerned with cross game invites, I just want to read and send regular messages during a game...all games so far have built in lobby features allowing you to join friends...and the xmb already shows you what game your friends are playing...I just want read my recieved messages or invitations from other games while I am still in a i don't quit out to read "wat r u up2?"

but yeah customizable themes will be great...the xmb is cool, but I want some more options for the background instead of that ribbon...and the icons could be a little more interesting...but no big deal if they dont' fix that right away...besides the xmb in game stuff, I really want a way to sort the list of your games...I have about 7 demos hanging out on the harddrive, along with several purchased games...I just wish I could use the "sort by" function they have for music and videos on games as well...I don't want the order to be based only on how recently it was downloaded...If there is a way to do this, please let me know...I may have missed it...