Heavy Rain Reviewed by JVN

Pros :
- Deep Sensitivity
- A masterful art direction
- Subjects never seen before in videogames

Cons :
- Some moves are a little stiff
- Other games will be insipid (hard to move on another game after that)

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Agent Smith3034d ago

- Other games will be insipid (hard to move on another game after that)

blitz06233034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Insipid = lack of flavor/taste. 'Hard to move on to another game'. Wow! That means the story will have a huge influence on the player, and that is exactly what I expected from this game.... so why is it a con?

randomwiz3034d ago

i dont see it like that. I think they timed Heavy Raiin correctly. Its very important to have a game like that in the midst of all these online shooters.

At first I was skeptical of Heavy Rain, then I saw the story element in the game. Then I saw it as a break from MW2. Then I saw the >9 reviews, and now i'm convinced.

A Cupcake for Gabe3034d ago

Man I hate sounding like a fanboy, but the PS3 always amazes me. I never know what they will do next. And that's why I am a PS3 gamer. Even with MAG's current hit and miss reviews; Sony is always looking for new and innovating ways to better the gaming experience(256 Epic Teamwork Battle Tactics). I wish more people would lay off the HATE-TRAIN and realize that this is where gaming flourishes. From Flower to God of War. Never a dull moment. And Heavy Rain looks to really tug at your heart strings. You want new interactivity with NATAL, Motion Wand, or 3D? You get it first right here with Heavy Rain, where you control the game with your "choices" and "emotions". Wow.....just....*silence*


ryano232773034d ago

the way I've read the con is:

at 28 I'm looking for that game that is deep beyond anything else. I believe that the reviewer has found the game that has the visuals of KZ2/UC2, has a great story like UC2/inFamous/MGS4, great gameplay like alot of games and gives you so many choices like Fallout 3/Oblivion etc.

With all that - how can you play any other game.

Sort of like how I feel at the moment, can't play any game because they aren't as good as MGS4, Bats, UC2

Anorexorcist3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

So basically Heavy Rain is such a unique experience, such a hard-hitting visual and auditory (and if anyone here takes virtual nudity too seriously, maybe sensual) experience that it'll be somewhat difficult to lower your perceptual standards for everything else afterwards?

Damn...sounds like a day one buy for me! You don't read any reviews of people saying Halo, Gears of War, or Call of Duty will amaze and astound you to the point that it'll take some adjusting afterward to play any other game.

SOAD3034d ago

The story is going to be top notch. Let's hope the gameplay elements to become insipid themselves.

I still remember the video where the player has to pay the clown. Searching furiously through his pockets for a fiver. Those aspects of the game seem laughable to me, and unncessary to some extent. Of course, if they were removed, the game would be nothing more than film, and the player would press play every few moments, and pick different floating dialogues for his character to say.

presto7173034d ago

This game is going to kick some major tut!!! I cant wait for it to come out. First of its kind. One of a kind.

Hellz yeah!!

gamingisnotacrime3034d ago

that is a BOLD statement, in this era of over hyped franchises and reviews.
Heavy Rain, will make my wallet lighter, this game must be something special, and i dont say only because of this review, but the developer has showed a lot of heart and confidence in this game

sikbeta3034d ago

Awesome, D.C. knows Best, I'm 100% sure he made a Masterpiece and didn't ruined it like with Indigo/Fahrenheit


menoyou3034d ago

It brings me tears of joy to know that this game is getting good reviews. Finally an unconventional and innovative game that tries to break the boundaries of video games receiving much praise. Nothing could be better for the industry than the success of a game that doesn't play it safe with tried and true formulas.

agent0273034d ago

Can't wait for this game. Another AAA title for the PS3.

ReservoirDog3163034d ago

The only thing I was worried about was if the actual story wasn't good. It happens sometimes even if they got a bunch of writers to look over it. But it doesn't seem to be a problem based on the reviews.

I can't wait to play this, but I'm gonna have to. I put a freeze on all game buying for the next few months.

So yeah, pity me...

BYE3034d ago

Great reviews so far!

This is gonna be the next game for me after Mass Effect 2, which kinda spoiled me and made me more picky for 2010.

Heavy Rain is the next game that will deliever big time.

PrimordialSoupBase3034d ago

Proper translation of summary:

Beginning with tragedy, Heavy Rain immerses the player in a memorable story, placing them in dilemmas as terrifying as they are moving. With an emotional force that will move players deeply, it doesn't lend itself to everyone. For that reason alone, David Cage's game marks a level of maturity never before achieved in games, and for that we can only rejoice.

Guido3033d ago

I think this statement best describes most if not all PS3 owners. We like diversity in our gaming whereas the 360 owner is the war mongering fanboy that needs a shooting element in every game they play. Not that I hate FPS or TPS but some days require a little more than that and you can get those diverse games on the PS3 and not on the 360. Sure they have other games on the 360 but they are trash whereas the PS3's games differing from FPS's are pure bliss and look amazing.

gamer20103033d ago

Guido, you're full of crap. Heavy Rain is going to be a great game, but cut out the arrogant trash talking.

The 360 has lots of different types of games that are enjoyed by 360 owners. It has racing sims, flight sims, RPGs, action games, puzzle games, adventure games, light hearted family games, stealth games, and many other types of games. All of these genres are well represented and are played by many different kinds of gamers on the 360.

The fact that some of the best selling games on the 360 are shooters is no justification for your senseless generalizing. Some of the PS3's best selling games are also shooters. It doesn't mean there aren't lots of other types of games on both consoles.

Another thing is, Quantic Dream's last game, Indigo Prophecy, was on the PS2 and the Xbox and this game is a very clear extension of what they did in that game. So quit acting like Sony did some amazing thing and invented some new genre.

bjornbear3033d ago

thats quite an affirmation...might not get the game after all =( I DON'T WANT TO RUIN GAMING xD

still, great score =D then again is a french site =P they love these types of games xD jk jk

can't wait! =)

@SOAD - for someone thats trying to be another "anti-troll" you're being quite the hypocrite.

+ SOAD died after Steal This Album.

zeeshan3033d ago

This game looks fantastic. I hope for the industry's sake that it does well. We need new ideas, new genres, new type of gameplay to take gaming beyond it's current FPS stuck trend. WELL DONE both Sony and QD :)

Rockox3033d ago

I'm glad to see the game is getting positive reviews. Now here's hoping it sells really well - games as different and as refreshing as this deserve to be rewarded.

Dev8 ing3033d ago

I think what he means is every different game type has to involve shooter elements on the 360 to sell. Look at ME2 it's more shooter than RPG.

ThdeGreatestOne3033d ago

- Other games will be insipid (hard to move on another game after that)
I would say that would be in pros IMHO.

bacon133033d ago

adult themed video games FTW. I'm very pleased this game is making such huge waves with critics and gamers. I really dug Indigo Prophecy and can't wait to get my hands on this gem in a few weeks.

The Lazy One3033d ago

Was that really necessary?

Does anybody have like a story synopsis that actually gets into the conflict of the story? I am curious about the player's motivation (not spoilers). Ex. Mass Effect 2 has the collectors. Heavy Rain has....?

It can be more complex obviously, but I am curious as I have no idea other than it's a mystery that is apparently pretty depressing and has emotional morality choices.

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Son_Lee3034d ago

It's a con because as gamers, other games will seem inferior and inadequately irrelevant to this potential masterpiece.

Dutch Boogie3034d ago

Welcome to the way i feel after playing ps3 exclusives.

CrimsonFox133034d ago

I felt that way about Uncharted 2 when I moved onto Assassin's Creed 2. This game sounds great, I hope more titles this influenced by story come out.

young juice3034d ago

holy sh*t your right i did play ac2 right after uncharted 2. i was wondering what it felt a little dull, at first i thought it was because the first assassins creed was better.

Shang-Long3034d ago

The 1st game I played after uncharted2 was.... Uncharted 2 lol

SniperJDC3033d ago

Nice, this score has changed my outlook on this game now I'm going to have to pick this one up

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MajesticBeast3034d ago

second AAA game of the year first me2 and now heavy rain wonder who is gonna get that honor next.

DarkTower8053034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Don't forget Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno, but GOW3 will be the next AAA on March 16.

EDIT: Almost forgot FFXIII, a good year to be a gamer, is it not?

A Cupcake for Gabe3034d ago


March is GOW3
April is Splinter Cell: Conviction and The Last Gaurdian

young juice3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

bad company 2, god of war 3, bioshock 2, splinter cell: conviction. in that exact order.


bad company 2 comes out before gow3 so i would say bc2 is the next.

XDF3034d ago

Jan: Mass Effect, Bayonetta
Feb: Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain
Mar: GOW3, Bad Company 2
April: Splinter Cell Conviction, Red Dead Redemption
May: Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2

Thank god for the $600 GS giftcard :)

Torkith3034d ago

The Last Guardian is not coming out in April...

del_the_funky3033d ago

Dante's Infirno, Bs2, Bc2, and the list keeps on comming

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FiftyFourPointTwo3034d ago

9.5? Well that explains why Bungie and co. arent here.

Dutch Boogie3034d ago

lol the story and script in Heavy Rain alone is enough to create two Gears game and three Halo's.

djtek1843034d ago

Yet, another brand spanking new IP is born on the playstation.

chidori6663033d ago

the bots is here disagree with you..

-3 ... ;)

4point7BillionLoss3033d ago

it's so exciting ... this new IP is really exploring the human emotion ....

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Dutch Boogie3034d ago

Cons :
- "Other games will be insipid (hard to move on another game after that)"

That's just the way i feel after playing ps3 exclusives. LOL the 360 never stood a chance. It's best to play 360 games first or you will be depressed after playing ps3 exclusives then backtracking to 360 turds.

happy_gilmore3033d ago

mass effect 2 is a bland 3rd person shooter with weak rpg elements. dialogues are good, though. but the controls feel sluggish and it is jaggies galore on the pc (probably worse on the 3fixme).

but heavy rain is a genre i haven't played in years. can't wait to play this game.