Parlament member Vaz wants to ban Resistance too

Member of Parliament for Leicester East Keith Vaz is very much happy with Manhunt 2's rating calling the decision "excellent". He also added that Resistance: Fall of Man should be banned as well. More details on the link.

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sajj3164194d ago

He wants to ban a game that has already been released and bought by thousands of people in the England. Go ahead buddy, drive up the publicity of this game. This is after Sony officially apologized to the church and we all know that it was unintentional. Sounds like more of a political ploy to reach the ultra conservatives in England just like Jack Thompson is doing here in the states.

BlackIceJoe4194d ago

I think people that want to ban a game like Resistance for having a fight in a church need to take a chill pill. Yes I can see how some people could get angry but wanting to ban a game for this is taking it to far. I have seen lots of games with church's in them and I never heard any one want to get that game banned also. Plus the game I am thinking about was also set in the time around World War 2 also. So why just this game. I for one hope Resistance does not get banned because if it does it opens up a lot more doors so other games could get banned and such.

So I for one hope these issues get settled quick.

XxZxX4194d ago

I also heard microsoft wnat it banned too. LOL
and Sony want HALO3 to be banned too..

BranWheatKillah4194d ago

Hmm, he even looks like a douche. Honestly now, this is just his way of riding the political waves and is a cheap tactic to draw some attention to himself. I can understand the hesitancy and even the banning of Manhunt 2, but Resistance is not even in the same league of depravity. Resistance is a wholesome "save the world" style game.

4194d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.