First Details of NHL 2K8

2K Sports, the sports publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., announced today the return of its NHL franchise with NHL 2K8 this fall. This title will leverage all of the next generation capabilities, featuring innovative gameplay, revolutionary player models and stunning visuals to create an entirely new hockey experience, centered on authenticity and the NHL Signature Style.

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The KEN KUTARAGI4198d ago

I should know, I'm Ken f*cking Kutaragi.
that's why I quit SONY.
Everything that is multiplatform will look better on the 360, it's just a better platform to develope on. I knew that when we were designing the PS3, but all these new upstart executives at SONY just said "Oh, well, video games don't make us much money, but if we cram a Blu Ray player in there, we win! We make Blu Ray movies AND we will have a cheap Blu ray player! Buhahahaha!"
Well, those f*ggots were wrong, and now look, we're getting beaten over the head by the Xbox360.
I'm glad I quit!

Rowland4197d ago

Is Mau Mogotishu joining you ?