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God of War III back cover contains new details

The back cover of God of War III was revealed by GameStop. New details include Add-On Content, 5MB Required Hard Drive Space, 1080i support, Mature rating (Intense Violence, Nudity and Strong Sexual Content), "Making Of" Documentaries and more. (God of War 3, PS3)

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joemayo76  +   2039d ago
add-on content eh???

Rumor  +   2038d ago
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BuZzz Killington  +   2038d ago
the add on content is probably gunna be the challenges.
Cause like the old gow games you have to unlock certain challenges by playing hard mode and god mode and so fourth. so the add on content is on the game you just have to unlock it. i think thats what they mean by that, and the 1080i im not sure about considering the gow 3 demo automatically upscaled to 1080p didnt even have to force it to go 1080p like uncharted 2....i guess that means its native resolution even tho 720p is better than 1080i....... if i have money i might buy this game if not def going to rent it....gow collection got me hooked......
MisterNiwa  +   2038d ago
This seems highy like a fake from NeoGaf.
Voozi  +   2038d ago
It's not fake

Lifendz  +   2038d ago
5 mbs?
They could have 10 gbs as far as I'm concerned. Heavy Rain, this, and FFXIII = me doing very poorly on all my finals this semester.

Add on content in the form of a time trial or horde mode (one player as Kratos and the other player as Ares?). Either way it's good to know that they're going to support the game long term...not that I would ever trade this game in.
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MisterNiwa  +   2038d ago
Ok, thanks, i mean, you cant let your guard down when it comes to NeoGaf, they are the masters of fake in the game industry. :I
UnSelf  +   2038d ago
1080i FTW!!!!
im sry i kno its interlaced but when my tv plays in 720p the font is huge. and some of the edge of my screen gets cut off
sikbeta  +   2038d ago

BuZzz Killington  +   2038d ago
yeah i never thought of that horde mode online
maybe it will have like survival mode like in uncharted 2 online....that be so awesome you and your buddy fighting waves of skeleton dudes then those ogers, and snake lion ram things and what not. and the only way to unlock it is to beat the game on god mode...that would be a decent incentive to buy the game and beat it on god mode.......like the have challenges like that in the original gow just no online add online and your good to go if we demand this maybe threy'll include it or add a patch for it.....start a petition lol.....and add voice chat that be so awesome.....
randomwiz  +   2038d ago
no installs!!

add-on content could mean skins and stuff like that, but it could also mean new challenges.
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frankymv  +   2038d ago
DLC is an absolute must
for this title. Since it doesn't have MP, something has to be implemented to increase replayability.
Traveler  +   2038d ago
This sounds so good. I can't wait for God Of War 3. I just wish they would put the downloadable content on the disc. The Blu-ray should definitely be big enough.
boodybandit  +   2038d ago
Easily "my" most anticipated PS3 exclusive this year!
This is will be the first game I pick up at midnight in years.
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Sky251  +   2038d ago
haha, when I first saw strong language, I just imagined Kratos throwing out the f-bomb every time he got angry
beardpapa  +   2038d ago
strong sexual content caught my eye.
BrianC6234  +   2038d ago
"I just wish they would put the downloadable content on the disc. The Blu-ray should definitely be big enough"

Maybe it isn't ready. Would you rather they delay the game so they can put DLC on the disc? I'm sure they're putting it on hold until everything else is done.
lovestospoodge  +   2038d ago
strong language...what?

anyways. this game will be freakin insane
FamilyGuy  +   2038d ago
Some old school plasmas and big screens can only do 1080i so that's good for those people in that situation. I'll be playing in (automatically upscaled) 1080p so I can see every detail that got this game its mature rating.
MiloGarret  +   2038d ago
Strong language as in:

"I will rip your heart out and feed it to this Hydra here that I keep as a pet, then I'll smear the walls of olympus with the blood of your children and spit at your weakness"


You know, basic Kratos.
Guido  +   2038d ago
Only 5 meg?
Wow, that's pretty impressive coming from the best looking game for 2010 thus far. Impressive indeed.
Dev8 ing  +   2038d ago
Some older HD tv's can't display 1080p nor 720p. The 1080i support means those people don't have to play the game in standard definition.
Sub4Dis  +   2038d ago
wow n4g is getting worse and worse.
is the number one article really the back of a game box???
ZombieRollz  +   2039d ago
The end of the 360: March 16th.
ZombieRollz  +   2039d ago
In the end there will be only chaos... from so many 360s self-destructing in jealousy.
caffman  +   2038d ago
Didn't people like you say that
about MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and LBP?
madden10   2038d ago | Spam
PopEmUp  +   2038d ago
dawgsfan117  +   2038d ago
Dumb Comment
I cant wait for this game either but this is a stupid flamebait comment. Unlike the seemingly broke as hell fanboys on this site I have both consoles and love them equally. Just meat Mass Effect 2 and next ill play Bioshock, then ill move on to God of War and later this year ill get Halo:Reach and GT5. Stop trying to brag about having one console. It just means your a slave to sony or MS because you spend your life defending their product on N4G and get nothing for it.
ZombieRollz  +   2039d ago
Kratos surpasses Chuck Norris in badassery.
Rumor  +   2038d ago
if norris can do this


then i dont even wanna know what kratos can do..
deafwing  +   2038d ago
....Gotta love the Norris facts -

"Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise"

"Kratos killed the guy that invented the word suprise."

Xwow2008  +   2039d ago
There will be
only chaos in March 16th :)
djtek184  +   2039d ago
Dev8 ing  +   2038d ago
They had me at contains Intense Violence, Nudity and Strong Sexual Content. Hopefully they have better sex scenes this time. But seeing a couple nice sets of tits is cool. I like it when games that have sexual content actually have nudity. When a game depicts sex and both people are wearing clothes it just seems lame.
belal  +   2039d ago
so co op
was only a rumour?

oh boy i will miss kratos after this epic game.
BuZzz Killington  +   2038d ago
technically its co op challenges
so the single player epicness of just you against the gods is still un harmed...i hope they do it......
sabestar  +   2039d ago
Hmm, nice to see no installation is required. I also wonder what the add-on content is going to be, probably challenge maps.
unrealgamer58  +   2039d ago
I will be playing this day 1
jack who  +   2038d ago
fake i smlle
Michael-Jackson  +   2038d ago
Learn to spell. Fake? Yes it's a dummy box, just like you.
Fishy Fingers  +   2038d ago
"Intense Violence, Nudity and Strong Sexual Content"

What more could you ask for...
Enjoi915111  +   2038d ago
if you got netflix my friend watch the new starz series SPARTACUS!

youll love it
DatNJDom81  +   2038d ago
@7.1 Totally off topic............
So is it better than Rome on HBO? That show was the sh!t. Spartacus looks too 300ish. Not that its a bad thing, but I really enjoyed Rome cause it was realistic and gritty.

On topic: Can't wait for the chaos to begin....... Cmon March!!!
Rumor  +   2038d ago

that show is badass!! too bad kratos would sponge the crap out of sparticus ;D
Enjoi915111  +   2038d ago
never watched rome. hes not to much like the guy from 300...hes to skinny looking. but its really intense.

of course kratos would smoosh Spartacus...for kratos is a god.

and Spartacus eventually dies in the story lol...
Whoooop  +   2038d ago
Rome was my favorite HBO show after Sopranos and The Wire...

So sad that HBO put an end to it when the 2 year contract they had with BBC ended and BBC couldn't finance the series due to its high budget.
Myze  +   2038d ago
Rome was an amazing series. Spartacus, so far, is not all that good. Sure it has tons of nudity and violence, but at this point it almost seems like that's being used to cover up a lot of its flaws in terms of characters and story.

As for GoW3, I am kind of curious what they mean by "Strong Sexual Content," in a non-pathetic way. ;) The first two games only listed "Sexual Themes."
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Bilbo65  +   2038d ago
Sparticus is basically 300 the tv show, Rome is 20x better
chidori666  +   2038d ago
must have game.
SOAD  +   2038d ago
Who cares about 1080i? I heard it is garbage compared to 720 progressive scan.

KRATOS, awesome. I'm thinking of either buying the GOW collection or Demon's Souls. I have never played any God of War games, so I know I need to catch up before March. But on the other hand, I don't want to put off purchasing Demon's Souls because Atlus made a great game and deserves my money in a timely manner so that they can make a great sequel or successor.
Fishy Fingers  +   2038d ago
Certain old TVs only support 1080i I believe, so for those it's a good thing. But where available, 720p should be taken over 1080i for sure.
execution17  +   2038d ago
you try playing KZ2 in 1080i most people that did say it looked a bit better then it did in 720p

on side not the add on stuff maybe from completing GoW collection?
Enjoi915111  +   2038d ago
dude if you havent played them.....you need to. i never had a ps2 and i was so pissed at sony that my ps3 wasnt bc...but gow was the only ps2 games i wanted to play.....sony heard and answered my prayer with the gow COLLECTION and i forgave sony and now we friends lol

but demon souls is pretty awesome and hard.
OpenGL  +   2038d ago
Some older HDTVs (usually pre-HDMI models) only support 480p and 1080i. The PS3 does not have dedicated hardware like HANA in the Xbox 360 to handle upscaling, so developers must manually add 1080i support if they don't want to alienate some HDTV owners.
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SOAD  +   2038d ago
But how can interlaced in any way be better than progressive. Killzone 2 looks better interlaced? I gotta try it out some time.

I definitely am going to get the collection, but I will feel like an idiot if I keep putting off Demon's Souls. Why couldn't I be wealthy?
bjornbear  +   2038d ago
i want both Demon Souls
and GOW Collection, but neither ship to my country -_- so consider yourself lucky you CAN get either! =(
Traveler  +   2038d ago
My tv is one of those older Sony Trinitron HDTVs that only accept 480p, 720p, and 1080i signals. Killzone 2 definitely looks better set to 720p on my tv. Almost every game looks better in 720p on my tv. Scaling doesn't add in any detail, it can actually make things look fuzzier. I guess it just depends on your tv, so just try it and see which setting looks better.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2038d ago
Uh whoever thinks 1080i looks better is an idiot. Lol 540 lines of resolution does not look more clear than 720
jrm125  +   2038d ago
So many misinformed people
I'm shocked how many people are misinformed on the subject of 1080i support.

The devs aren't giving it 1080i to act like it somehow looks better than 720p. As a few others have said, 1080i support is there for people with older HDTVs that only supports 1080i and 480p. 720p came later. If your TV doesn't support 720p, all PS3 games automatically downscale to 480p. Not cool.

Progressive typically looks better than interlaced...but I doubt anyone here wants to be playing at 480p. For those of you with newer HDTVs, you'll be playing at 720p and seeing it in all it's glory.
Enjoi915111  +   2038d ago

off topic kinda....if you like blood violence action tits and some side puss.....and you have NETFLIX....please go watch SPARTACUS the new Starz series....AWESOME!!!!!
Dev8 ing  +   2038d ago
Yeah Fvck the game companies catering to children to get more sales. I want adult games, fvck the kids.
subzero-08  +   2038d ago
Nice, this game is gonna be sick.
holdmedownma2008  +   2038d ago
Yo I bought the Ultimate Edition already, so I'm all set.
Enjoi915111  +   2038d ago
me TOOO im gonna hide my *stash* in Pandora's box.....and who ever opens it besides me hopefully gets their eyes burned out rofl.
slave2Dcontroller  +   2038d ago
I cant wait to unbox my Ultimate Edition. I really REALLY enjoyed my play through of the GOW1&2 HD collection. I'm currently working my way through GOW;CoO which is also awsome. I dunno how in the hell I missed these game on PS2. Oh wait... now I remember! Too busy gettin as much pu$Sy as I could get XP
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gamingisnotacrime  +   2038d ago
PS3 chaos is imminent, Spartans get your GoW collection and start fine tuning your skills
slave2Dcontroller  +   2038d ago
Say It

GAF has a 500 - Internal Server Error. Fans are clammering!
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gamingisnotacrime  +   2038d ago
the angry GoW is back to Olympus to claim what is rightfully his!... the head of ZEUS and destruction of Olympus
slave2Dcontroller  +   2038d ago
and in the end, there will only be... Yall MF'erz know the rest!!!
SuperDopetastic  +   2038d ago
1080i and 720p are basically the same
1080i is better for still cameras....720p is good for sports ,such as football because the camera is all over the place....i dont know all the technical details but yeah
LittleBigSackBoy  +   2038d ago
1080i is quite alote worse really. Interlaced has half the lines (pixels?) of progressive. 720p has the full lines on the screen, but 1080i has half the lines. So you only get half of the 1080 really...The screen slices when you use 1080i, because there's blank lines mixed in with the picture.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2038d ago
Um i is interlaced, 1080i will never be better than 720p, and they're not basically the same. 1080i is comparable to 480p while 720p would be more comparable to 1080p. It's 180 less lines of pixels between 1080i/720p. But yes 1080i is used for news casts and shows, movies etc. Football is 720p, probowl was that resolution tonight. I need dish though, I want 1080p dammit. F'ing Comcast.
Akagi  +   2038d ago
I need new boxers.
Neo604  +   2038d ago
must have masterpiece.
who ever have played GOW knows it is top notch in every aspect.
Axecution  +   2038d ago
"Strong language"? I just looked on the back of God of War Collection and it says it too. I dont remember God of War having any swearing... It wouldn't really make sense. o.o "Hey, Kratos! F$CK YOU!" hmmm...

Anyways. Badass cover. Badass DLC info. Badass no-install info. Pretty much everything is badass about it.

Though, i thought it would say "Blades of Chaos" rather then.... deadly double-chained blades. o.O
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CernaML  +   2038d ago
The developer's documentaries had strong language.
Michael-Jackson  +   2038d ago
Where's my mandatory install? great to hear that it doesn't have one.
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Johnny Rotten  +   2038d ago
it's on the 2nd DVD. lol
Dev8 ing  +   2038d ago
I haven't had to install a game in a long time.
bjornbear  +   2038d ago
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Strong Language
Strong Sexual Content

Now THATS a "hardcore" game ;)

Can't wait =D!

Additional Content - is that meaning DLC?! =O
Lykon  +   2038d ago
i have never seen anything in any game yet aproaching what i would call 'strong sexual content' . if you rent a film with that warning then your pretty much gauranteed full on real sex. it's not what i want this game for by any means and my enjoyment wont be affected, but i wish they would not exaggerate.
Justin_bristoe  +   2038d ago
it's the g o d
skhyps3  +   2038d ago
i cant wait for this game! its gonna be so yummie:p
Gago  +   2038d ago
weren't these the jackass devs that were yapping about "teh 1080p and 60 fps!"
and now it runs 720p, a laggy 30fps, even with last gen fixed camera angles

and the graphics look like GOW2 HD

but what ever, enjoy your garbage mutton masher
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Karooo  +   2038d ago
Most games run at 720p
But do they look as good as UC2 or KZ2? NO you know why?

because of the high res textures from blu ray, Physics and Shader computations from the Cell SPE's that make most PS3 exclusive greater than the rest.

Oh it doesn't run at 30fps, its 60-30 variable framerate you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
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Karooo  +   2038d ago
(Intense Violence, Nudity and Strong Sexual Content) and look no install wonder what bots will say now.
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elcompa425  +   2038d ago
"By the GODS"

(flatline) ____________________ <<--- (360's)
Silly gameAr  +   2038d ago
&quot;but what ever, enjoy your garbage mutton masher&quot;
Will do sir.
ascendantofrain  +   2038d ago
"double-chained blades"??? REALLY??? Theyre not called the Blades of Chaos or Athenas Blades anymore....I'll scream "fake" from the highest mountain in all of Greece just because of that.
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Iceberg032  +   2038d ago
Might Not seem that important
but I love the fact that it has DTS as an option for the audio because I love it I will choose that over Dolby Digital anyday.
Dev8 ing  +   2038d ago
Obviously, most amps switch to the DTS if there is a choice between the two. Here's to hoping the sounds are uncompressed. Sound is the most important aspect to immersion.
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