God of War III back cover contains new details

The back cover of God of War III was revealed by GameStop. New details include Add-On Content, 5MB Required Hard Drive Space, 1080i support, Mature rating (Intense Violence, Nudity and Strong Sexual Content), "Making Of" Documentaries and more.

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joemayo762817d ago

add-on content eh???


Rumor2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )


BuZzz Killington2817d ago

Cause like the old gow games you have to unlock certain challenges by playing hard mode and god mode and so fourth. so the add on content is on the game you just have to unlock it. i think thats what they mean by that, and the 1080i im not sure about considering the gow 3 demo automatically upscaled to 1080p didnt even have to force it to go 1080p like uncharted 2....i guess that means its native resolution even tho 720p is better than 1080i....... if i have money i might buy this game if not def going to rent it....gow collection got me hooked......

MisterNiwa2817d ago

This seems highy like a fake from NeoGaf.

Lifendz2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

They could have 10 gbs as far as I'm concerned. Heavy Rain, this, and FFXIII = me doing very poorly on all my finals this semester.

Add on content in the form of a time trial or horde mode (one player as Kratos and the other player as Ares?). Either way it's good to know that they're going to support the game long term...not that I would ever trade this game in.

MisterNiwa2817d ago

Ok, thanks, i mean, you cant let your guard down when it comes to NeoGaf, they are the masters of fake in the game industry. :I

UnSelf2817d ago

im sry i kno its interlaced but when my tv plays in 720p the font is huge. and some of the edge of my screen gets cut off

sikbeta2817d ago



BuZzz Killington2817d ago

maybe it will have like survival mode like in uncharted 2 online....that be so awesome you and your buddy fighting waves of skeleton dudes then those ogers, and snake lion ram things and what not. and the only way to unlock it is to beat the game on god mode...that would be a decent incentive to buy the game and beat it on god the have challenges like that in the original gow just no online add online and your good to go if we demand this maybe threy'll include it or add a patch for it.....start a petition lol.....and add voice chat that be so awesome.....

randomwiz2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

no installs!!

add-on content could mean skins and stuff like that, but it could also mean new challenges.

frankymv2817d ago

for this title. Since it doesn't have MP, something has to be implemented to increase replayability.

Traveler2817d ago

This sounds so good. I can't wait for God Of War 3. I just wish they would put the downloadable content on the disc. The Blu-ray should definitely be big enough.

boodybandit2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

This is will be the first game I pick up at midnight in years.

Sky2512817d ago

haha, when I first saw strong language, I just imagined Kratos throwing out the f-bomb every time he got angry

beardpapa2817d ago

strong sexual content caught my eye.

BrianC62342817d ago

"I just wish they would put the downloadable content on the disc. The Blu-ray should definitely be big enough"

Maybe it isn't ready. Would you rather they delay the game so they can put DLC on the disc? I'm sure they're putting it on hold until everything else is done.

lovestospoodge2817d ago

strong language...what?

anyways. this game will be freakin insane

FamilyGuy2816d ago

Some old school plasmas and big screens can only do 1080i so that's good for those people in that situation. I'll be playing in (automatically upscaled) 1080p so I can see every detail that got this game its mature rating.

MiloGarret2816d ago

Strong language as in:

"I will rip your heart out and feed it to this Hydra here that I keep as a pet, then I'll smear the walls of olympus with the blood of your children and spit at your weakness"


You know, basic Kratos.

Guido2816d ago

Wow, that's pretty impressive coming from the best looking game for 2010 thus far. Impressive indeed.

Dev8 ing2816d ago

Some older HD tv's can't display 1080p nor 720p. The 1080i support means those people don't have to play the game in standard definition.

Sub4Dis2816d ago

is the number one article really the back of a game box???

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ZombieRollz2817d ago

The end of the 360: March 16th.

ZombieRollz2817d ago

In the end there will be only chaos... from so many 360s self-destructing in jealousy.

caffman2816d ago

about MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and LBP?

2816d ago
dawgsfan1172816d ago

I cant wait for this game either but this is a stupid flamebait comment. Unlike the seemingly broke as hell fanboys on this site I have both consoles and love them equally. Just meat Mass Effect 2 and next ill play Bioshock, then ill move on to God of War and later this year ill get Halo:Reach and GT5. Stop trying to brag about having one console. It just means your a slave to sony or MS because you spend your life defending their product on N4G and get nothing for it.

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ZombieRollz2817d ago

Kratos surpasses Chuck Norris in badassery.

Rumor2817d ago

if norris can do this

then i dont even wanna know what kratos can do..

deafwing2817d ago

....Gotta love the Norris facts -

"Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because Chuck Norris only recognizes the element of surprise"

"Kratos killed the guy that invented the word suprise."


Xwow20082817d ago

only chaos in March 16th :)

Dev8 ing2816d ago

They had me at contains Intense Violence, Nudity and Strong Sexual Content. Hopefully they have better sex scenes this time. But seeing a couple nice sets of tits is cool. I like it when games that have sexual content actually have nudity. When a game depicts sex and both people are wearing clothes it just seems lame.