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BioWare: "Our best work is still ahead of us"

BioWare's best work is "still ahead of us", says co-boss Ray Muzyka.

Speaking to CVG in London this week, Muzyka said the developer's up for the challenge of topping stellar sequel Mass Effect 2, which has received universal acclaim from the press.

"The way we approach it is that each game has to be better than the last one," Muzyka told CVG. "That's always been true for the last 20 years we've been doing this, that's just what we do. It's kind of in our culture now." (Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 2: The Price of Revenge, Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect Galaxy, Mass Effect Pinnacle Station, Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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mrv321  +   1983d ago
I'm worried for my spare time.

'I agree, they need to finish mass effect ps3 before they can be considered to be at their best. '

Possiply the winner of mrv's SundayStupid awards. For a developer to be at it's best it needs to succeed in deparments OTHER than Graphics. Hence why some of the best RPG's of all time ARE NOT on current-gen platforms. The ur-quan master for example which can be likend to Mass Effect is a AMAZING game. Look if they want to develope for PC/360 that's fine by me, I only get annoyed WHEN they bad mouth the competition.
kingdavid  +   1983d ago
ALERT: Fanboys in the gamer zone...
mrv321  +   1983d ago
Captain; shoot the Wii torpedo and have all the fanboys unite to attack casual games.

Permission to go down with the gaming ship sir?
DeathsAmbition  +   1983d ago
I don't really care what Bioware makes on any gaming system. The only thing I am worried about is if it's going to be a great game to play. Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age are both great games they have made.
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NoPoint  +   1983d ago
Please BioWare bring Mass Effect onto the PS3 :.(

Edit: At least give me a reason as to why you disagreed.
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kingdavid  +   1983d ago
you guys need to play this game, I feel for you guys. Its just brilliant.
Foxgod  +   1983d ago
People disagree because us 360 owners have our pride, and we appreciate the gem that Bioware put out for us.

Theres no reason why we would want to hand it over just like that.
Remember the reactions from Sonyfans when Final fantasy 13 went to the 360.

It went from "FF13 will make the ps3 conquer the world"
to "But we have FF13VS, a true RPG, FF13 didnt look so good anyway"

If you want the game so bad, buy a 360, i would buy a ps3 if Suikoden went to the ps3 exclusively.
No way in hell i would wait for a small ray of hope that it might go multi.
But i dont have to, knowing Konami they will put it out on both consoles, and they are simply waiting right now until the install base of both consoles is big enough.
But i would if it went to one console only.

If he had a pc that could run it, he would have never made that comment that he wants to play it so badly.
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KiRBY3000  +   1983d ago
"If you want the game so bad, buy a 360"
...or buy it on PC.

OR, like me, wait for an eventual PS3 release, GTA Episodes From Liberty City all over again. its ok to wait a few month, Q1 2010 is going to be crazy anyway.
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Dutch Boogie  +   1983d ago
They need to have developed a game with smoother framerate and better textures.
Major Kanimo  +   1983d ago
- they are already
the king of console rpg's what more do u want?
Xof  +   1983d ago
After Dragon Age, I would have laughed and laughed and said Bioware has yet to come close to a game of similar quality to Shadows of Amn, after more than a decade.

After Mass Effect 2, all I can say is... yeah, these guys are getting phenomenally better. Can't wait for ME3, assuming it's an improvement. And everyone bemoaning ME3 on the PS3? Well, I can kind of understand... but you ought to consider grabbing it for PC, if nothing else. It's a game you do NOT want to miss, and it scales wonderfully--even on low-end systems.

This whole idea of waiting months--and often years--for ports is a game where we almost always lose. I mean, look how many people kept up hope that Vesperia PS3 would make the jump?
AliTheBrit19  +   1983d ago
Sweet, great developer, should have my copy of ME2 tomorrow :)
Letros  +   1983d ago
I would think he's referring to...
Star Wars: The Old Republic, they really need to go ALL OUT on that game in order for it to make it in a competitive MMORPG market. Considering it has the potential to gross more money than Mass Effect 1, 2 AND 3. Combining awesome story telling with multiplayer...brings back memories of the OLD Bioware.

I love their new games, just beat ME2(epic epic epic) but it's hard for me to think anything other than Baldur's Gate series is their best work so far.
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Foxgod  +   1983d ago
Personally, i hope not, I find MMORPG soooooooo boring.
I rather have them talk about a new KOTOR, and ofcourse, Mass effect 3.

I Would also find it cool if Bioware would do a Star trek Voyager RPG that plays like Mass effect.
Gigalol   1983d ago | Off topic | show
MajesticBeast  +   1983d ago
I wouldnt even call mass effect much of a rpg anymore with 2 its more like a tps with rpg elements just like borderlands is an fps with rpg elements.
Foxgod  +   1983d ago
Its the other way around, its an rpg with shooter elements.

Nope its not, Check reviews, every review calls it an RPG, it also says it on the box, RPG, and in stores its listed under the category RPG.

Your opinion is based on some emotional and personal squabble you got going on.
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hay  +   1983d ago
First one was RPG with shooter elements. Second is just the opposite.
zagibu  +   1982d ago
@FoxGod: or maybe these guys don't use RPG for every game that allows some character development and has a few branching quest arcs? Just because everybody else has a different opinion doesn't make yours wrong, you know. If you blindly accept the mass truths, then you believe that the sun is turning around the earth, that the moon is a planet, and that Jesus died for you.
Bill Gates  +   1983d ago
PS3 Exclusive in the works!!!.......AHAAHHAAHAHHAHAHAA
Sorry BABOONS, we play ME1 & ME2 on the PC and you BABOONS still can't play Bio's new IP exclusive to the PS3...HHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Foxgod  +   1983d ago
Yes, Bioware can do it, their games keep getting better and better.
Unlike Square who just keeps releasing worse and worse games.

Bioware is the new RPG king, with Bethseda as a strong second.
I cant believe how quickly the J-Rpg genre got annihilated by W-Rpg's on the main consoles.

Still hoping for a good Suikoden from Konami, but its taking them ages.
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DeadlyAnGeL91792  +   1983d ago
idc to much if it comes to ps3
i already got it for pc and it looks amazing at max settings if it did come to ps3 (along with 1 and 3) i might get it just for gamepad support and probably to add to my collection.
solidt12  +   1983d ago
Man Mass Effect 2 is so good!! I would of got it for the PC also but they didn't include the 360 controller support and I didn't want to mess with any third party apps to configure it. So I got it on the Xbox 360. I just got a Nvidia GTS 250 and Crysis Warhead is looking sweet.
Conando  +   1983d ago
Well, of course they are going to say their best work is ahead of them.

"No, guys. Our best work is behind us. We'll never do anything better in the future. So don't even bother buying our future games because they won't be as good as our other games."
Nihilism  +   1983d ago
40 hours into ME2 in 3 days....that is not healthy, It is 3AM and I must retire...but tomorrow is a whole new day of life wasting gaming...
Campy da Camper  +   1982d ago
I hear ya
I can't stop playing. Got it on PC and it looks soooooo sweet and the combat system is a huge upgade. I'm at about 20 hours since Friday night...
OmarJA-N4G  +   1983d ago
@ Omega4:
Desperate? PS3 already got the most selection of AAA RPG titles not to mention those better looking multiplatform ones... :)

Beside Mass Effect 2 uses the UE3 which can easily be ported to the PS3. :)
Panthers  +   1983d ago
Its called SWTOR and its going to be epic
green  +   1983d ago
Just finished Mass Effect 2 30mins ago after playing it for 30hours.I got to say, Mass Effect is the best gaming franchise released this gen that i have played.Everything about it is top notch and i can't wait to play Mass Effect 3.With Mass Effect 1,2 and Dragon Age Origins, Bioware have earned their place as the best RPG developer.
Campy da Camper  +   1982d ago
I was about 6 hours into DA:O and picked up ME2 and it's killing me not having four hands to play both. DA is a blast but man, o man, ME2 is top of the food chain. I'm into this more than Oblivion or Uncharted and for me that is saying something.
led1090  +   1983d ago
Dragon Age 2 will top this if it comes out first. But it will be bested by ME3
Allowen  +   1983d ago
I actually did not like much Mass Effect but I loved Dragon Age and ME2.

It is a hard fight bettewn Bethsoft VS Bioware on this gen :

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion and Fallout3 VS Dragon Age:Origins and Mass Effect 2

These 4 games are already on my top 20 games I played on this gen and thy win as the best four rpgs for me.
ktchong  +   1983d ago
Stop whining about BioWare briging Mass Effect to the PS3
Just play 1 and 2 on the PC. The PS3 versions are NOT going to be better than the PC versions.
Nac  +   1983d ago
Give me
a KotOR 3!!! At this point Im not that pumped about TOR, I would rather want a solo adventure that is as good if not better than the first.
BLADE_X8  +   1983d ago
I believe them.
Star Wars: KOTOR, and both Mass Effect 1 & 2, have received rave reviews. (Although I haven't played it, Mass Effect 2 is getting GOTY talk, and I would love to play .) I believe that Bioware can continue it's streak of great games in the future. As a Loyal PS3 gamers, I won't lie...I WANT MASS EFFECT 2.

Also, I'm interested in how well Bioware would do with games based off the movies/shows: The Borne Identity, 24, and The recent Battlestar Galactica, and the games: Halo (Any/all of them), Gears of War, and Killzone 2. I think Bioware could do something with these materials at their disposal.
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