Could VONGO come to the PS3?

In an interview conducted by with Starz' online digital movie distribution service "VONGO", it was revealed that the service could make its way to Sony's powerhouse console.

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AdmiralX4198d ago

They offer and the bronx bunny show, both great programs.

The KEN KUTARAGI4197d ago

All two of them!?
I'm gonna fire up the Pop Corn!

The KEN KUTARAGI4197d ago

I kinda wish I hadn't been fired. I would have loved to be able to make this announcement publicly

BlackIceJoe4198d ago

Wow if this really would happen it would be great news. Plus it would show people that Sony is not taking there online service this time lightly and really wants to make it great. So if this could happen I would be all for this.

XxZxX4198d ago

with sony connect out of the way, this is very possible.

Diselage4197d ago

Actually seems like a logical next step.

PS360WII4197d ago

Nice! It was only a matter of time till Sony went into the movie and tv download business

LeonSKennedy4Life4197d ago

If you do ONE thing this year Sony...make it a downloadable TV service...I WANT G4!!! I don't get it!

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The story is too old to be commented.