The Top 10: Toughest Platinums

Into the long morning hours you try to stay awake to get the final trophy and platinum the game. When that happens you feel that long road has ended but, new trials a wait for those trophy hunters. These 10 are one of the hardest platinum's you can get on the Playstation 3 to date. You cried, you waited, and you endure the long road to get that platinum, and these platinum's take skill and patience to get and so this is thegamershub top 10 toughest platinum's.

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WildArmed2851d ago

Nice list.
In all honesty,
I don't even imagine to get the plats on these games.. with the exception of Demons Souls and CoD:[email protected] (since i do have the plat)

BUt the rest require hella dedication/grinding or skill.

I do salute people who have gotten wipeout HD Plat.. in my book.. thats the hardest one and you earn my respect.
(i had done 33% before the game shot me down and said YOU SUCK)

Tru_Blu2851d ago

I'd give Resistance 2 a honorable mention. That 10k kills online trophy is an insane amount of grinding. I got up to about 1k and just gave up on it, would take way too much time for a multiplayer that IMO wasn't all that good. Please take note, IMO, that is just my opinion.

mugoldeneagle032851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I haven't played a few of them (DJ Hero, Disgaea 3, or SFIV) but the rest I have. I'd disagree with Rock Band 2 as #2 though. I got the Platinum trophy, by myself with no help for the most part (aside from multiplayer trophies), and the only real hard trophy was the The Bladder of Steel. And even that was just more or less time consuming. I might even say Beatles Rock Band is more difficult just because of the vocal trophies

If we're talking about your average gamer, I'd put SOCOM Confrontation a lot higher. I'm 30 some hostage extracts away from the Platinum and I consider myself real good, so that would be tough for an average player. Wipeout HD and Warhawk are probably my top 2 for hardest.

But for the most part I'd say that list is spot on

A Cupcake for Gabe2851d ago

Top 1% of the Week to receive the Valor 4 Gold Trophy in Killzone 2.

If Killzone 3 has this I won't attempt it. That was a strain on my life to get. And I lost a lot of sleep playing all damn day to get it.

nordberg2851d ago

Wipeout HD (me too i give up at less than 50%) and Warhawk is the top 2 for hardest.

PS:The only game i remove from that list is rock band 2 and maybe i put GTA4 somewhere in this list instead.

bruddahmanmatt2851d ago

Seeing as they've listed a few multiplats they might wanna add Battlefield: Bad Company, Far Cry 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV to the list while they're at it. I also heard that MK vs. DC Universe was a pain in the ass to get as well. As for PS3 exclusives that didn't make the list, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift comes to mind.

Maddens Raiders2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

I've got WipeoutHD, WarHawk, KILLZONE 2 in that order.

Motorstorm 2 is up there too, but that would be cheap for me to say since I have it.

WildArmed2851d ago


You just named all the plats I failed at getting no matter how hard i tried.

Though Killzone 2 wasn't that hard. Got that game in August 09.. and platted it soon afterwards.

Maddens Raiders2851d ago

but I don't deserve it. I just think that the article list is wrong and I have a plat in MS2:PR. You've got a plat in KILLZONE 2?

I salute you.

DarkTower8052851d ago

Top 1% in KZ2 was actually pretty easy. I got it putting in 3 hours/day for the week no problem, and that was back in Late March when the game was still played alot. Getting it now should not be an issue unless you're not very good.

WildArmed2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

oh sorry, i seem to have misunderstood. >.<
I was like.. OMFG someone actually has the plats and got too excited to read it all the way through..

And I do agree that Motorstorm PR is hard.. i spent over 30 hours trying to play that game while i was in D.C. with my cuzin, but alas.. I only could finish 2 races and qualified.
K2's hardest trophy would be elite..
2 parts had me stuck for an hour:
1) The bridge -- cross the bridge while the enemies spam the grenade launchers in ur face xD
2) first wave of Radec's palace. That was tooooo hard D: (took me 2 days for that one alone!)

Oh, even though the LAST GUY doesn't have plat.. that gayum was super hard D:

I dont think R2 deserves that. (trophy wise... i mean.. the game is great!)
The 10k kills is just a huge grind fest and the only trophy that is hard. While most games have a combination of grinding and skill-related trophies..
(Superhuman mode in R2 was easier than Hard =/ )

I'm currently clocked in at 6~7k kills and play the game every Christmas in D.C. Since my cuzin is a R2 addict

bruddahmanmatt2851d ago

I never understood what the big deal was with the plat for KZ2. By far one of the easiest plats I've ever obtained. The Top 1% was a bit of a seven day grind to ensure that I made the cut before the ranks were reset on Sunday, but the single player campaign on Elite was not that hard. I still think that the obnoxious grenade spam I had to put up with while playing COD:WAW on Veteran difficulty was a bigger pain to deal with than Radec's goons.

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Two-Face2851d ago

Mirror's Edge should be on the list.

It's so frustrating to get 50 stars on time trials.

And if you want 100% you have to get 90 stars. It's possible, but very frustrating and time consuming.

Pillage052851d ago

Yeah, I gave up on Mirror's Edge platinum after like the second chapters time trial. But I did get Demon's Souls platinum...which isn't as hard as it is time consuming. roughly 120hours of playtime for myself. Although with everything I've learned about that game now, I'm pretty sure I could get the platinum in less than half the time now if I started over.

mrv3212851d ago

Battlefield Bad Company IS imposssiple. Seriously it's impossible.

SpaceFox2851d ago

I have that. Check out my trophy list. PSN: spacefox00

It's impossible without boosting. If you manage to get some friends together and find some empty rooms, you can get all those awards pretty quickly. And 10k kills just needs a lot of playtime.

Inferno2851d ago

I only got Demon's Souls plat from that list, going for NGS 2 later on.

Redempteur2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

i agree on that list !

but killzone 1% trophy is a little hard to get ...

lol you can't get plati on Rb2 with at least one friend ..

there are challenges that require 4 people to get ( you can't get 8x without 4 people )

you can't get 1mil point without at least 2 people ..

but i must say once you get friends to play with you , there is no problem at all to get this plati ..

it's actually quite fun

Pillage052851d ago

I got that Killzone 2 trophy the 2nd week the game was out...I think I only went to bed 2 nights that week just to make sure I'd get it. And some of the unlocks for certain badges used to be harder than they are now. Like the air turrets, used to be lucky if those things killed even one person in an entire match.

Redempteur2851d ago

well sure the firsty two week that was easy but now ...

it's like the online trophies for SF4... it was easy the first weeks , now i wonder how you could have 10 victories in a row with all the ken swarming around ...

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