PC Games magazine - Mass Effect 2 Review

9 pages review scanned from the february issue of german PC Games magazine.

+ Brilliant, credible characters
+ Dynamic, intelligent dialogues
+ Many moral decisions
+ Dense atmosphere
+ Fast-paced, well-made action
+ Mass Effect 1 character import feature
+ Atmospheric soundtrack
+ Fantastic English voice acting

- Main story is a bit too short
- Restricted class system
- Superficial upgrade system
- Three boring Mini Games
- Pretty useless map

Score: 88

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Endless_X2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I'm translating the final thoughts.I'll update when I finish.

Edit: done.

ShadowCK2639d ago

PC Games magazine.

Don't bother.

mikepmcc2640d ago

lowest score for this game so far...too bad

crazyturkey2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

version the score probably won't go higher than this. The standards between consoles and PCs are not the same since PCs can do much more than consoles, so console versions of games tend to score higher because of their hardware capabilities.

themafia2640d ago

this game is overrated imo. i give it a 7 at best. crysis and uncharted 2 i prefer...

Pandamobile2640d ago

You prefer a whole different kind of game, buddy.

kingdavid2639d ago

I guess you could consider it short..

If you skip every mission for everyone of your crew. Then again, Oblvions story was short (a 12 hour experience) but that was in the end a 150 hour game.

SOAD2640d ago

Is that really in the game? I know, I'm gullible, but is it?

KionicWarlord2222640d ago

rofl !

That Volos was definitely high .

He even went up to the high level biotic and tried to kill her .

I was cracking up .

Dmitry Orlov2640d ago

I lol'ed when I saw that one too :)
You see that pretty volus during the recruiting mission for Samara.

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The story is too old to be commented.